Changes in OrdaSoft Affiliate program for coupon websites

Affiliate coupons

We noticed, that some of our affiliates mislead our clients and don't mention expiration date of coupons. Or they show on self site: OrdaSoft discount coupon codes, but not show valid coupons. Because of this we decided to change terms of our affiliate program.

From July, 1st, 2015 the members of OrdaSoft affiliate program can't promotes OrdaSoft via coupon codes or some other coupon or discounts, and who will continue promote coupons - won't receive affiliate commission. But still, if you promote OrdaSoft to provide description or some review of OrdaSoft products, you will get your affiliate percent.

For example, if we have discount site, or coupon site, or coupon for OrdaSoft articles or some like this, you will can't receive any affiliate from us. We look to this site as attempt cheat us or our clients

Please recheck:

Coupon sites work next:

  • 1. I found in Internet product which I need
  • 2. As example "Ordasoft gallery", Some body spent much efforts for convinced the me: "the Ordasoft gallery - the best of gallery for my site"
  • 3. I go to Google and type "Ordasoft gallery coupon" or "Ordasoft gallery discount" or "Ordasoft gallery sales". I wish receive this product and save may money
  • 4. Google return to me your site, where not exist coupon to "Ordasoft gallery".

So you not help to us sell "Ordasoft gallery", you not say to people why "Ordasoft gallery" the best of gallery for your site. This said somebody another, when they convinced the user the "Ordasoft gallery - the best of gallery for your site"!!! You not invite to us new user. You try receive money for work which do somebody another.

Because that we say: No Affiliate OrdaSoft on coupons sites, no coupon sites, no coupon articles, no OrdaSoft discount articles, no OrdaSoft sales sites, ...
You need create review why need use OrdaSoft products, create video, tutorials as OrdaSoft products work and so..

For our affiliate, algorithm works must look some like:

  • 1. I(some user) need gallery to self site
  • 2. You create review why "OrdaSoft gallery" the best gallery Or you create so video, or you say about this with other manner.
  • 3. I in google, search "gallery for site", or I your subscriber and see your site with describe our product.
  • 4. Google return to me your site, where I see "Ordasoft gallery the best gallery" or I see article on your site "How add images to site with help OrdaSoft gallery"..

We strongly recommend you to remove coupons from your websites and use such methods of promotion as reviews, sharing in social networks, writing collections of products, writing articles or emails.

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