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New version of free website builder for joomla

new fre version joomla website builder

Meet updated of free website builder Joomla! In new version we added a lot of stunning features, that can help you to build website even more functional!

New version of free website builder included:


Create your multilingual website with Ordasoft website builder! Even the free version has the ability to build a site in multiple languages!

multilingual website builder
    Using the free version of the website builder with multilingual capabilities and you will be able to:
  • 🔥 Easy manage multiple languages
  • 🔥 Intuitive multilingual site navigation
  • 🔥 Translate all content on the site
  • 🔥 Translate meta tags - title and description, so important for seo optimization
  • 🔥 RTL supported. Extend the reach of your customers, with the ability to display text from right to left

Ability to add child fields to custom fields

The Site Builder has become even more flexible! With the ability to add child fields to custom fields, it allows you to dynamically build all forms (using "Custom html field" or Joomla text editor).

The child fields (fields from child entity) very useful whan you create some connection between 2 entities, As example: you need show agent and his houses or you show Author and his books.

add custom field to joomla text editor manage custom field, joomla web builder

Ability to select a layout for a marker preview in maps

With the version update, now you can easily display on the map marker everything you need! It can be homes, people, and everything! Using the website builder you can bind to the marker on the map: photo, contact details and any important information!

layout for a marker preview in maps, site builder Joomla

The ability to display dates in the Joomla calendar without regard to the year

With the new feature in the free version of the web builder it is now easy to designed a calendar without showing the year. This will allow you to easily display significant dates on your site, (like birthdays of your employeers or corporate event date), where there is no need to show data with refer of year. Thus with site builder - Joomla calendar you will be able to display month and all birthdays for all years in this month.

site builder joomla calendar without regard to the year

New Features of Professional version Joomla website builder

Joomla Mega menu for your Joomla website

Download professional version of website builder and create awesome mega menu on your website! To create a mega menu - page builder allows you to use any layouts. Also you may add any HTML for create items to Joomla mega menu.

mega menu features website builder

Layouts for PDF

Joomla Site Builder now supports Portable Document Format (PDF) so that our customers can easily generate PDF reports! This feature expands your capabilities on the site! Absolutely any information on the site you can export to pdf and print if necessary!

Install the Joomla website builder and discover the benefits of PDF:

  • 🔥 Easily show any content on your site in pdf format
  • 🔥 Users can send each other this document
  • 🔥 Easily open on mobile devices
  • 🔥 Easy printing
joomla web builder, layouts for pdf

Create Joomla pop-up and hover windows

New WOW effects! Joomla Site Builder allows you to show a pop-up display of layouts when you hover your cursor. Create your creative and unique design on your site! You can add any pop-up or hover effects to any of your layouts on site!

Pop-up effect - window, that opens in foreground of site interface when you click on some image or text.

Hover effect - window that opens in the foreground when you hover your cursor over an item.

Pop-up display of layouts on hover, site builder

All these updates are already available in Joomla templates created on the website builder!

Ordasoft Joomla website builder New version of free website builder Joomla