Options of OS Touch Slider

In the configuration panel there are four tabs: Images, General, Advanced and Animation. Let's have a look on slideshow options of OS Touch Slider.

General options of OS Touch Slider include:

Title Description
Pixels or percentage Pixels or percentage for width and height
Width Slider width in px or percents
Height Slider height in px or percents
Crop image Crop, resize or leave image original
Slider direction Horizontal or vertical slider direction
Initial slide Index number of initial slide
Autoplay Delay between transitions in ms. If this parameter is not specified, auto play will be disabled
Autoplay stops on last Enable this parameter and autoplay will be stopped when it reaches last slide (has no effect in loop mode)
Autoplay interactions Set to No and autoplay will not be disabled after user interactions (swipes), it will be restarted every time after interaction
Speed Duration of transition between slides (in ms)
Prev/Next arrows Shows arrows
General options of Joomla responsive slideshow

In Advanced Options (available only in PRO versions) you can set:

Title Description
Slides per view Number of images in row per slide
Slides per column Number of images in column per slide
Column fill Defines how slides should fill rows, by column or by row
Slides per group Set numbers of slides to define and enable group sliding
Centered slides Enables auto-centering of slides
Pagination Shows pagination
Pagination type String with type of pagination. Choose between "bullets", "fraction" and "progress"
Pagination clickable If Yes then clicking on pagination button will cause transition to appropriate slide. Only for bullets pagination type
Scrollbar Shows scrollbar
Keyboard control Set to Yes to enable navigation through slides using keyboard right and left (for horizontal mode), top and borrom (for vertical mode) keyboard arrows
Mousewheel control Set to Yes to enable navigation through slides using mouse wheel
Mousewheel on edges Set to Yes and slider will release mousewheel event and allow page scrolling when slider is on edge positions (in the beginning or in the end)
Free mode If Yes then slides will not have fixed positions
Loop Set to Yes to enable continuous loop mode
Lazy loading Set to Yes to enable images lazy loading
Reset settings Resets setting to default
General options of Joomla responsive slideshow

Animation allows adding different transition effects for the responsive slideshow:

Transition effects of Joomla responsive slideshow

In OS Touch Slider you are able to create any custom transition effect using special tool:

Custom animations of Joomla responsive slideshow

Check out OS Touch Slider effects: Fade, Cube, Super Flip, Bounce + Swing, Custom Transition Effect

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