Ordasoft Touch Slider - Layer Joomla Slider for your Joomla templates

By the time the new version of our OS Touch Joomla Slider - best Joomla Slideshow was released, we have prepared for you 10 layer Joomla slider on 5 different slideshow Joomla templates to show you the possibilities of our slider. To see click on the picture.

Layer Joomla Slider Example for Real Estate Joomla template

OS Touch Slider - Layer Joomla Slider for Real Estate Joomla template. Example This predefined Joomla slideshow will be useful for real estate agents. You can put your background image of the right size, enter your advantage. You can change the address of the link "learn more", change the picture of the girl and much more. On this layer Joomla Slider example you will clearly see how to build such a slide and be able to use the techniques used here to create your own unique slides. Our OS Touch Slider - Responsive Joomla Slideshow Module gives almost limitless possibilities!

OS Touch Slider - Layer Joomla slideshow for Real Estate Rent TemplatesThis layer Joomla slider example is made to advertise rental property. But nothing prevents you from using your picture and text and use it in almost any field. Briefly, but at the same time informatively, you can declare about your service and leave a link to your site, blog or contact information. You just need to export this slideshow template and you will see how easy it is with the help of our slider to create eye-catching slides.

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Layer Joomla Slideshow for Joomla wedding templates

OS Touch Slider - Layer Joomla slider for Wedding Joomla templateIf you are organizing weddings or selling wedding dresses and accessories, you will appreciate this simple wedding slideshow Joomla template. Animated slide as the statistics show have a greater response from users because they attract more attention in comparison with usual static banners. Like in Layer slideshow Joomla template this one will help you understand how works our OS Touch Slider - Layer Joomla Slider and will give you a push to implement your ideas. When you buy our slideshow module we give you these template for slideshow absolutely free.

OS Touch Slider - Layer Joomla slider for Wedding Joomla Template"Keep calm and hire a planner". So says the proverb of our next slideshow Joomla template. Indeed, when such a crucial event as a wedding is ahead, it is better to remain calm and transfer responsibility to a person who is engaged in this professionally. Our OS Touch Slider image scroller will allow you to use a huge number of effects the appearance of text, pictures, videos, links and buttons. This is not just a ready slide. With this slideshow wedding Joomla template you can change the required parameters in a couple of clicks and get a unique animated slide created by you without doing it from scratch. It is very convenient!

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Layer Joomla Slider for Sport Joomla Templates

Layer Joomla slideshow module OS Touch Slider for sport Joomla templatesIf your business is related to sports and you offer fitness services, this layer Joomla slider in sport Joomla template will suit you. You can change the logo, in the text of the Joomla slider write your products or your advantages, change the animation and link. Try it, it's easy and gives amazing results. OS Touch Slider - Layer Joomla slideshow module

OS Touch Slider - Layer Joomla Slider for  sport Joomla templateOr do you sell sports supplements? This simple layer Joomla slideshow will help you to interest the user (in this case woman) with your assortment and gives you the opportunity to immediately go to the landing page of your online store or directly to the product purchase page. You can change the background image or add your own with the desired animation effect.

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Layer Joomla Slideshow for Restaurant and Cafe Joomla Template

Layer Joomla slideshow module OS Touch Slider for Restaurant and Cafe Joomla TemplateThis Joomla template with layer Joomla slider is suitable for advertising delivery of sushi to a house. From above, you can write down the advantages of your company. From the bottom, replace the text and the action button link. You will get a simple and compact slide with just the right elements.

OS Touch Slider food Layer slideshow TemplateThis layer Joomla slideshow Joomla template for OS Touch Slider Frontpage Slideshow perfectly shows what our Joomla slideshow module is capable of. For example, if you own a fast food restaurant, you can use this example to display your discounts and promotions. Just replace the background image and the path to the image files and you will get an unusual animated banner.

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Layer Joomla Slider for Car Joomla Template

Layer Joomla slider for car Joomla templateThe last one for today that we prepared for you is the machines. Look at this layer slider in car Joomla template. Animation is very attractive, and the text conveys what you want to say. As with other slides, it is not necessary to stick to topics. You can use this example for anything. OS Touch Slider - Layer Joomla Slider will easily allow you to replace text and pictures, while leaving the structure itself.

Layer Joomla slider - OS Touch Slider for Car Joomla TemplateWe remind you that Layer Joomla Slider you get for free when buy OS Touch Slider - Best Joomla Slideshow Module . All you need is to export the file and you will get ready-made slides that you can modify, supplement as you need.

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