How to manage images and create captions in OS Touch best joomla slider?

Basic settings on the site when installing the Joomla Responsive Slider

In OS Joomla Touch Slider it's possible to configure slideshow right on the Frontend of your website and see changes immediately. Let's have a look how to add images to Joomla Slider Extension-Responsive Joomla OS Touch Slider, manage them and add captions to images.

  1. After installation of OS Joomla Touch Slider extension, go to Extensions -> Modules -> OS Touch Slider
  2. Choose module position and assign module to necessary menu items
  3. Publish module OS Touch Slider
  4. Go to the frontend area of your website and log in there

On the Frontend of the website you will see blank joomla slideshow (don't forget to log in on the Frontend). To Open the configuration panel and start adding captions you must:

General view of the Joomla slider extension - OS Touch Slider

  1. Hover the future slideshow and click on the sign Edit sign of Joomla responsive slider-joomla slideshow module
  2. click on the sign of Joomla Slider Extension-OS Touch Slider
  3. To upload images in the Joomla Slider-Joomla Slideshow module you may drag and drop them into special section or click on the upload button and choose one or several images from your PC
  4. upload images to Joomla Responsive Slider-Joomla Slideshow module

    You can reorder images in Joomla! slideshow simply by dragging them. By hovering image it's possible to edit it or delete.

  5. After you uploaded an image or several pictures in the OS Touch Slider-Joomla Slider Extension you can edit them. On the editing tab of Joomla Slider Extension, you can set the slide time Image editing in responsive Joomla slideshow
  6. You can add any text on the Joomla responsive slider, depending on the purpose of the slide.
  7. possibility add any text on the Joomla slider extension-responsive Joomla Touch Slider
  8. Hover the image and click on the Edit button and then on Add text button. In the opened panel you can add caption to the chosen slide, as well as customize caption and it's block. Also here you can customize the animation that will occur with the appearance of text. How to do it you can see here How to animate text in OS Joomla Touch Slider-Joomla Slideshow module.
  9. add text into responsive Joomla Slider

    Basic settings best Joomla Slider-OS Touch Slider with using text

  10. The text you write in the OS Touch Slider-Joomla Slideshow module right away can be seen in the picture, edited and changed location.
  11. edit and change text in joomla Slideshow
  12. In the Joomla Responsive slider, in bookmark Edit, you can set into image font size of the text.
  13. Change text font size in Joomla responsive slider-Joomla Slider extension
  14. Also on the bookmark Edit you can change the writing style of the text.
  15. OS Touch Slider-responsive Joomla Slider extension supports Font Family : selection from 20 the most popular and beautiful Google Fonts - Open Sans, Roboto, Slabo, Lato, Roboto, Condensed, Oswald, Source Sans Pro, Montserrat, Raleway, Roboto Slab, Lora, PT Sans, Josefin Sans, Dancing Script, Satisfy, Cookie, Playball, Great Vibes, Rochester, Lobster

    change text writing style in Joomla Responsive Slider
  16. Also in Joomla Slider - Joomla Slideshow module on the bookmark Block you can put the text in the frame and resize the frame itself, first select the size of the frame on the Border Width and then you can adjust its width, height and also where the text will be located on the joomla responsive slider.This can be done with the help of Text Padding and Text Block Width.
  17. Put the text in the frame and resize the frame in Joomla Responsive Slider-Joomla slider extension
  18. Also on this tab you can round the corners of the frame. This can be done with the help of Border Radius.
  19. Possibility make round the corners of the frame on Responsive Joomla Slider
  20. Also on this tab you can change the border color. This can be done with the help of Border Color.
  21. Possibility change the border color in Joomla Slider Extension
  22. Also on this tab you can change the color inside the frame. This can be done with the help of Background Color.
  23. Possibility change the color inside the frame in Joomla Slideshow module

  24. On the Animation tab, you can select various special effects that you can apply with text, specifying the exact time the beginning and end of the special effect. While Best Joomla Slider are changing, you can apply various animation options with text. You can also apply this if you instead text insert a picture.

OS Responsive Touch Slider allows adding any HTML caption, from simple text to video and audio. It's possible to customize the style of text using styling options. Check out the examples of captions created in OS Touch Slider: Caption Variation 1, Caption Variation 2, Caption Variation 3, Caption Variation 4, Your Custom Variation

In OS Touch Slider it is also possible to insert any HTML code into slide, for example images, links and videos/audios. See tutorial How to embed video from YouTube in OS Touch Slider

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