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TOPIC: Export/import problems
SergeySPb (Visitor)
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Export/import problems 7 Years, 10 Months ago Karma: 0  

I have a site with BookLibrary and books divided in different categories. Now we decided unite book library databases with the other site.
The problems are:
1) The first thing I had to do was to export books from the other site.
There were books in two categories - first category with 250 books was exported perfectly in two seconds, the second category with 950 books I can't export - I get index2.php blank page and nothing happens (no export file in the folder).
Is it the problem of the amount of books? May I devide books into several categories without making changes in each book entry?

2) When I tried to import the first category and add it to the existing one I go the message that about 100 books have the similar book ID and can't be imported. May I just change the IDs in the importing CSV file for ex. 4001...4005? Or it can be done in a different way?
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admin (Admin)
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Re:Export/import problems 7 Years, 9 Months ago Karma: 76  

Look like at time import book, you have time out error. You may check that if set "Error Reporting" to Max in yours books site "Global Configuration"

If that true, most simply way:
- or do full back up, run site at local PC. On Local PC set time mout so much - as need - and do import
- or you may do import with help database
- or need go to script - and try high "script execute time" - but some time from script impossible change that value

May I just change the IDs in the importing CSV file for ex. 4001...4005?

ordaSoft team
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