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TOPIC: Add new language
sean (User)
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Add new language 1 Month, 1 Week ago
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I’m trying to follow the instructions here, but they seem to be out of date or at least, the latest files don’t match what’s described.

The instructions say to edit /administrator/components/com_booklibrary/booklibrary_j3.xml and add line for your language after the one containing language/english.php, but this file doesn’t reference english.php at all!

There are two locations in the file that refer to languages and both use the same format:


    <languages folder="../language">
      <language tag="en-GB">en-GB/en-GB.com_booklibrary.sys.ini</language>

This appears as a <languages> node by itself and then again as a sub-node of <administration>

I’ve copied the English ini file to /language/--langcode--/--langcode--.com_booklibrary.sys.ini and added it to booklibrary_j3.xml instead of Step 2.

Step 3 says “To ensure the languages you use are visible inside the dropdown boxes in the administration part for selecting, you will need to add the language entries to every language file in use in your installation. In each language file, find the part marked //Languages and add your language there.”

This is so ambiguous I have no idea what it’s supposed to mean. Which files? The downloadable language files only contain <language-name>.php files. What other files need to be edited? /components/com_booklibrary/language/constant.php ?
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admin (Admin)
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Re:Add new language 1 Month ago
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I am sorry, we corrected ours manual how add new language to Book library wbsite software

In common you right, but you also need copy your language file to folder.
There you see all languages files for Book library website software.
Or you need rename
to your language, as example for Spanish

Please check, below file:
You need change only when you adding new constants. In common you no need edit it.

And also most important: If you not add new language to booklibrary, and you need only change some text or fields name - you need do this with BookLibrary::Language Manager

OrdaSoft team
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