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MediaLibary Component Support
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TOPIC: User Manual Discrepancies
RegLinUsr (Visitor)
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User Manual Discrepancies 10 Years, 3 Months ago Karma: 0  
Attempting to get MediaLibrary configured on my site and noticed a few issues.

- REF: User Manual: 04-create-a-menu-entry-for-medialibrary-15x-shop

From above reference:

* Click on [MediaLibrary] ->All Categories

This is actually referenced as Media Library and is displayed with no subcategory option.

Also from above reference, the Menu Item Link shown to be created is supposed to be index.php?option=com_medialibrary&task=category but actually is created as index.php?option=com_medialibrary. FYI, the link configured either way seems to function fine.

- REF: User Manual: 16-entering-media-through-isbnasin-in-medialibrary-15x-shop

From above reference:

* MediaID: This is the MediaID for your internal reference. Fill
* in your own internal MediaID here if you have set the option
* in [Settings Backend] for [Auto-increment MediaID] to NO. If
* you have set that option to YES, you do not need to bother
* with this field.

This backend setting [Auto-increment MediaID] doesn't exist.

Beyond that, this seems to have been re-referenced as BookID vice MediaID under the 'Media > NEW' configuration screen. Leaving this field BLANK when adding a new book renders error "Please insert a MediaTypeID for this media!" which now refers to the ID string with yet a different name variable. In order to enter a new book, the ID must be given a incremental number manually.
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admin (Admin)
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Re:User Manual Discrepancies 10 Years, 3 Months ago Karma: 85  

The manual was created for version what have more features than other versions. You can see on every page for what version created that manual. With that every can found self features.

Free version have't all so features.

You can check features comparison at so link : ordasoft.com/MediaLibrary-Documentation/...ture-comparison.html

OrdaSoft team
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