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Help with installing quickstart package on host (0 viewing) 
Please add sites what really use RealEstateManager component, please write about yours experience, tricks ...
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TOPIC: Help with installing quickstart package on host
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Help with installing quickstart package on host 8 Years, 3 Months ago
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HI All,

I like most of you have downloaded the free site packages to check out the benefits of Real Estate Manager ( I have now bought the Pro Version) but I had trouble installing to my host account as I am a newbie

To those who are developers it may appear very simple but when you read the Joomla instructions or the Rel Estate instructions there is a major assumption by the seller that we know what they are talking about in detail.

The quickstart package is brilliant once you know the instructions are talking about only that directory.

This note assumes your new installaion is going to be installed in Public_html/joomla30

Before you start if you are running Joomla that requires magic quotes turned off then Follow instruction no 1 otherwise go straight to 2 for the step by step instructions.

1 Subject: magic_quotes_gpc - read ALL

You can turn it off by creating php.ini file and write the following line into the file and save it into the folder "public_html/joomla30"

magic_quotes_gpc = off

You then need to add the following line in to .htaccess of "public_html/joomla30" and put the following line in:

<IfModule mod_suphp.c>
suPHP_ConfigPath /home/yours9/public_html/joomla30

It is best to edit the file htaccess.txt while it is on your computer before uploading.
Use Notepad

2 Uploading from quickstart.

The download package includes the extentions AND the quickstart files. The quickstart zip is a complete Joomla installation

From here on we are only talking about the files in the QUICKSTART directory. This is important - ignore the other directories

a) Select the quickstart directory on your pc.
b) Select the zip file within and unzip it where it is
c) Alternatively you can unzip it on your chosen host directory e.g public_html/joomla30. If you do then you will have to use a suitable unpacker on your host.
d) Once you have unzipped the file you will have to ftp it to your host e.g public_html/joomla30. This can take ages because of the numer of files.

e) Once the files have uploaded you can the use your browser to access your site www.sitename/joomla30/
This should pick up the installation details and start the actual installation as per Real Estate Manager


Hope this critical step help you
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