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TOPIC: To create Library branch
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To create Library branch 5 Years, 10 Months ago Karma: 58  
Since mine is doing to be a library for kids ranging from 6month old till 8yrs old, by Parent I meant the subscriber of library service. So I am rephrasing the below points.

2) One Library branch has one to many records relationship with subscribers (ie; one branch will be mapped to many library subscribers but one subscriber will be mapped to only 1 branch).

3) One Library branch has one or more books mapped to it and this can be thru add/import of books to a branch. This way the subscriber of library Branch A will know which books are currently available within library branch A and which books are at other library branch locations.

4) Subscriber of library branch A can book books available in branch B. When this happens if we can label the this booking as “in transition” it would be good to have. In our agreement with subscriber we are telling the subscriber that such books if any ordered from different branch will take 10 days to deliver from Branch B to Branch A. Once the book moves from Branch A to Branch B, we will need to update the book from backend admin to reflect the books new branch assignment as Branch B.

With Simple Membership You can create any user group and associate them as you see fit.

and Using the Book Library, you can create categories and specify the the right user group.
Choose our components and create Library branch.

OrdaSoft team.
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