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Vehicle Manager change website forms (0 viewing) 
VehicleManager component support
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TOPIC: Vehicle Manager change website forms
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Vehicle Manager change website forms 2 Weeks, 6 Days ago
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Hello, thanks for your replay. If I will be informed by email, every time a
client make a reservation by the website after payment for license that is
not problem. I updated de component, I change the configuration to hide
years of issue, mileage, show map.. now after save and close, changed on
the administrator area, but when I open the front end website shows again.

Did you check our website builder?

There all layouts you may change with help Drag&Drop layout builder.
There very easy change/create any form, add remove any field
You may start from any free template with website builder

Look a pic rental.png you can see that have been changed on the admin
configuration area. On the pic rent2 you can see on the front end how is
showit. On the pic rental3 you can see what I want to hide on the main
description of the article. On the pic rental4 you can see what I want to
hide at main article description.

In Admin area you may set some fields "Mandatory or not", You can't hide all fields with help settings.
Please check in Vehicle Manager we not show at frontend only empty fields.

In vehicle manager for frontend you will need check and change every layout which you use:

Please check, if your version will support update, please rename every new layout before edit and select it as "main for show" in "menu settings". With that you not lost it at time Version update.

On the pic rental5 on the book it form I woul like to change the text Descripcion for Delivery address. add a new field arrival time, and change the text vehicle return date for return day.
Also Please check, In VehicleManager->LanguageManager You may easy rename some vehicle text or change field, or change some select list

By the way, there is any way to put the translation of the articles or do I
have to create as many articles as a many laguanges?
Thanks in advances.
Bes regards

For Translate Vehciles - you have 2 ways
1. Automatic Joomla translate, You may do this with help our Sef Translate extension
2. Manual translate vehicles. Vehicle Manager support multi language.
a) You add to Joomla your languages, turn on and configure Joomla Multi lang site.
b) For every 1 vehicle you select "content language", next - you create Vehicle copy (in Vehicle manager pro version we have button Copy), in this copy you translate every field and select next "content language" for this vehicle. So you set "Content language for all vehicles" and connect these vehicles as associated.

OrdaSoft team
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Re:Vehicle Manager change website forms 2 Weeks, 4 Days ago
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Hello . Thanks for your replay.
Before I buy your component license I have to check that the free version
is working property.
I upgraded the component as you wrote me. You never wrote me that before
update I have to rename all the vehicles.

No, no need "rename the vehicles", If you change code, or change layouts in Vehicle Manager, and you plan do update. Component, when reinstall, will override all files, so you need do backup first. Or if you change some layouts in folder "{site}/components/com_vehiclemanager/views/" (as example remove some fileds), Best if you rename this layout to "new name" - in this case new version not override this layout at update time. And you may select this layout In menu "params" settings.

Now all change on the configuration are saved. But nothing change on the
front end page. ( you can delete the date of inssue, milage, brand,..
because I don't need for my vehicles)

We show all fields, we not change special for you nothing, we only flexed errors.
We not show fields only if they empty !!!
So if this will fill different users - need edit all layouts and show exactly what you wish, Because that I recommend our "WebsiteBuilder" - there you may set exactly fields which you need.
Or we may propose to you order this as "customization service".
Please write to OrdaSoft contact form (ordasoft.com/contact-us-form) with full details description, how all must look and work, and we will give to you quota.

Now I can not change any vehicle, also not add a new one. I get a error as
I showed you on the previous email.

Sorry, Please check now, You have last version PHP, so possible so errors.

Location and calendar are as not mandatory on the configuration page. But
are showing on the front end page.
I wait for you replay. Thanks

In Free Version we show all fields, "Location map" tab you may hide in Pro version

Calendar - this is Rent calendar - for item which you wish move to rent.
It depend from field "Listing type", for this field possible only next values

- - not selected
- for sale, we show "Buy request form"
- for rent, we show "Rent request form" and calendar with rent history

But you can't add new, because "Listing type" - is special field, we connect with it Rent or Sale workflow.

when "Listing type" set as "for rent" - item be accessible for "booking" and you will see in every so item the "calendar"

OrdaSoft team
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