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How to show joomla module in joomla modules positions

In Joomla, the every joomla module, you may show in any joomla module positions.

For see all Joomla module positions

1. You need go to Admin -> Extensions -> Templates (Joomla 3), then click the "Options" button in the toolbar. Joomla templates options button

For Joomla 4 - Joomla 5, go to System -> Templates -> Site Templates), then click the "Options" button in the toolbar. Joomla templates options - joomla 4 - joomla 5

2. There click "Enable" for "Preview Module Positions" enable preview module positions in Joomla

3. Go to your site as example: ordasoft.com, and add to url parameter "tp=1".

So url will look like: ordasoft.com?tp=1
and check your Joomla Modules positions preview joomla modules positions preview

Show your Joomla module in your Joomla module position

Any Joomla module positions, for your module, you may select In Joomla Module Manager.

1. Please go to Admin -> Extensions -> Modules (Joomla 3)


Please go to Admin -> System -> Manage -> Site Modules(Joomla 4 - Joomla 5) Joomla site modules

2. Select your Joomla module. joomla module manager

3. Set Joomla module positions for Joomla module. set joomla module position

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