Book Library v.3.5: overview of added features

This time we want to announce a new update for Book Library, Joomla solution for creation online libraries. Hours of hard work resulted in version of Book Library 3.5 - with many great new features and possibilities. Except functionality, some improvements were made in terms of design. Now you can see it on the demo version - Classic Book Library.

So let's have a look at new features of Book Library - library management Joomla extension.

1. Added ability to associate books/authors in different languages

If your website is multilingual, this is extremely important to have associate feature to connect books (authors) in different languages. Now in Book Library this functionality is realised.

Associate feature in Book Library, library Joomla component

2. Added menu Authors and layouts for displaying the authors

Beginning from version 3.5 in Book Library there is ability to manage not only books, but also authors. You can fill in name, description of author, upload photo of author and his books will be automatically generated in special field. Three new layouts was added - All Authors (Default and Photo) and View Author. Default layout of All Authors includes names and A–Z index, whereas photo layout has names, photos of authors and A–Z index.

Authors menu in Joomla library extension

Authors layouts in Joomla library component

3. Added menu User/Book Lend History

Also in new version of Book Library you will be able to view the lend history of users (and books) in special menu.

User Lend History in Bool Library, Joomla online library solution

4. Added ability to upload media files (videos, audios, subtitles)

Insert video easily using Youtube code or by uploading video file. Also it is possible to add audio files and subtitles in updated Book Library for Joomla.

Video from YouTube in Joomla Book Library

5. Added ability to clone books/authors

Clone books in Book Library Joomla software

6. Added three new modules: Authors Touch Slider, Featured Books, Featured Authors.

Authors Touch Slider Module is responsive slideshow for Book Library that displays Authors from Book Library Joomla solution.

Featured module for Book Library allows to display featured books from your book collection. You can display books from Book Library component by such parameters: date, hits, rating, categories or single books (only in pro version). It includes functionality of Top, Top10 and New Books modules (they are not available in new version).

Featured Authors module for Book Library allows to display featured authors from Book Library. You can display authors from Book Library component by such parameters: date, hits, hits of author's books, rating of author's Books, featured option (IDs of authors to display) - only in pro version.

Read more about new Joomla solution for online libraries and download free version on the Book Library page.