CCK - new version

OrdaSoft Content Construction Kit

OS CCK - new version here!!!

We released a new version of Joomla Content Construction Kit - Joomla Extension for create sites. With help CCK - you may create any types of catalogs, book libraries, Media(anything) libraries, Event sites, News Sites, Blog sites, Active directories and much more. Please check what we added to OrdaSoft CCK:

In new version of OrdaSoft Content Construction Kit you see:

1. CCK Parent-Child layouts

We do long way for add this and now you may connect any Entities in CCK with help "CCK Parent-Child layouts" !!!!
As example You Create "Book Library" site, you create Book Entity and Author entity. And in Book Edit form, You may add "Author" or many Authors to every. So next you may:

  • Show Authors in every Book
  • Show All Books from some Author
  • Or you may create Tag entity, and use it as Category. So to every "CCK Instance" you will can add tags, and next:

  • Show Tags in every Instance
  • Show All Instances which connected to some Tag
  • Field "Category no need for you more. Now in OS CCK - you may create CCK Entities and use it as Categories for other CCK Entities

    Example CCK - Parent-Child layout Company and his cars: CCK - Parent-Child layout, company and his cars

    2. OS CCK - It is a BOOKING !!!!

    No need use any another components or CMS. OrdaSoft Content Construction Kit - It is a booking!!!.
    Now you may create any Booking site. You may booking of cars, apartments, services and any types goods.
    You may book it by day, by night, or you may books by time.
    In OS CCK we added not only possibility create Booking request to every "CCK Instance", now we created "Calendar field" where you may see every "CCK Instance" Bookings status.
    Meet: OS CCK - it is a BOOKING !!!

    CCK Booking calendar

    3. Added new prices fields

    Meet: OS CCK - it is a SHOP !!!
    We added new fields for prices (number price field, select list price field, radio button price field. This is additional step for create CCK - is it a Shop. Now you may play with price exactly as you need. Now you not only have new fields for price set, now you may add many price fields to one product. You may create Base price (main Price of product), You may add additional price for color or for size(or for some another features). Together with "CCK Access settings", you may create Tax or Discount to some "Joomla user group". So your product price may are calculate like: Base price + Price for red color + Price for additional service + % tax of state + % tax of country - discount for some user group.
    Meet: OS CCK - it is a SHOP !!!

    CCK - price list field

    4. Access settings for anything!!!

    Exist ONLY in CCK PRO version !!!!
    Now in OS CCK you may mange access for anythings. We support not only Joomla Access settings to Menu or to Modules(like every in Joomla CMS). Now You may manage which "Joomla Users Groups" can access to some OS CCK category. Which "Joomla Users group" can access to some fields. Which "Joomla Users group" can access to some CCK Instance. So you may built any types of access catalogs sites where only special user groups will see content, which created special for these user groups. And together with Simple Membership you may move users to any Joomla user group

    Example Access settings for "CCK Entity - teacher":
    cck access settings for entity

    Example Access settings for CCK field, in CCK layout for Joomla CMS:
    cck access settings for field

    5. SEO

    We can't not say about SEO(Search Engine Optimization) in OS CCK for Joomla. Now CCK not only support Best SEO component for Joomla sh404sef. Now we added in every Instance possibility set: Meta title, Meta Tags, and Meta description.

    Example: meta keywords settings for instance, together with Access settings for CCK Instance, in CCK layout for Joomla CMS:
    cck meta keywords settings for instance

    And More, More , more ... Please check our demo, Please ask your questions on our forum, Please read more detail on our product page.