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Create event website with help CCK-Joomla website builder

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Life is a chain of events around you!

Plan you events and create events website with OrdaSoft and CCK - Joomla website builder!

We created three excellent event templates to show you how easy create event website and plan your events. In every Joomla Event Template you see Content Construction Kit . Ordasoft Content Construction Kit has all the necessary functions for create event site, plan and organize all your events. Any of your events will not go unnoticed with our Joomla website builder . By looking at the demo of our Joomla event templates you will see that all the necessary components have been added for your convenience. Your events will become bright and unforgettable, and creation website will become another pleasant event in your life!

1. Legend-Joomla Event Template

Legend Joomla Event Template build on Content Construction Kit-Joomla website builder

Legend is a bright, colorful event theme that immerses you in the world of theatrical magic. With the legend you will discover the secret world of theatrical art.This Joomla event template can suit for all your needs - events, such as music, dance, opera, theater, circus arts, magic, illusion and many others. Based on Content Construction Kit , this theater event Joomla template is easy to customize and configure. With help of Quickstart package you'll be able to install event theater theme Legend in minutes and get the same result as you can see on demo version. In creating event template-Legend we used the most powerful Joomla Extensions: Joomla responsive slideshow module - OS Touch Slider, and OS Image Gallery - Responsive Joomla Image Gallery.Show your images in the best way on all devices using preinstalled responsive image gallery and slideshow. Event Template goes with awesome jQuery animations and effects which makes your event website more live and attractive.

Please check more details In our full description of Legend Joomla Event Template

2. Event IT - OS CCK - Event Ready Site

Event IT Joomla Event template create on Content Construction Kit-Joomla website builder

This Joomla event template can suit for all your needs - Events (for it conferences, technology conferences, beauty conference, local concerts), Business, Company website, Personal event manager website etc. In Event It we used the most powerful Joomla extensions: Joomla responsive slideshow module - OS Touch Slidercreate the text animation, image animation on your event website, OS CCK - powerful website builder for Joomla and OS Photo Gallery - Joomla Gallery Component.

Please check more details in our full description of Event It - OS CCK - Joomla Event Template

3. Neon - OS CCK - Event Ready Site

Neon Joomla Event template create on Content Construction Kit-Joomla website builder

Feel the night power – Neon Joomla Night Club Template as the name implies is here to spread power and energy all at the home page. Neon is a modern and responsive Joomla event template with an exceptionally striking and surprising design layout filled with wonderful colors across a dark background, ideal for night clubs, discotheques, dance clubs, bars, DJs, Producers, Music Bands and everyone in the entertainment industry. Whether you’re a DJ, a nightclub promoter or owner, or you're working in the music industry in some other capacity, the Neon theme could be a good choice for create your event website. Not only is the design of this theme perfectly suited to creating nightclub websites and club music related websites, but it also has all the core features you’re likely to need when creating your own professional site. Let's make a noise and start the party with Neon!

Please check more details In our full description of Neon - OS CCK - Event Ready Site

The meetings and events industry is huge and continuing to grow every year. There are over 1.7 million Americans working in the meetings and events industry today. Helping you create event site is easy - our main task! By choosing ready-made Joomla templates of event sites or create event site with your own uniquely designed with help CCK-Joomla website builder you will quickly plunge into the industry of meetings and events.

Possibilities Ordasoft Joomla Extensions for create event website

Content Construction Kit Joomla website builder:

checkmark green Responsive design
checkmark green Unlimited layouts of Event from OS CCK. You can plan event anytime, anywhere!
checkmark green Every layout you build with help drag and drop.
checkmark green You can use the several media: images, PDFs, videos, ... for a more detailed description of your event
checkmark green Schedule Layouts of Events. OS CCK will help you make a schedule of all your events, and make sure that no one is left unattended
checkmark green Category of various events. We have added various categories of events, now it is very easy and simple to plan parties, organized conferences, speeches and many other events. Thanks to OS CCK Event Planner, regardless of the date of the event, not one of your events will go unnoticed. Plan events with OS CCK!
checkmark green Big Event Calendar Layout and Small Event Calendar Layout
checkmark green Export from Calendar. Ability export from Calendar to Google Calendar, ICal Calendar, Outlook Calendar, Yahoo Calendar. Hints in layouts and fields settings give you the ability to easily select the necessary components. There is a selection binding. Now you may create child-parent selects, like Country->State->City or Maker->Model or ... You may use this for create instances and for search. Planning events with OS CCK Event Planner is easy and reliable.
checkmark green PayPal payment gateway and 2Checkout payment gateway
checkmark green Admin can permit to users from frontend: add, edit, delete, publish/unpublished, move to rent, move from rent, edit rent of the instances
checkmark green Unlimited field types. Available so base fields: Date/Time, File Field, Gallery, Image Field, Location map (Google maps), Radio buttons, Select list, Checkbox, Text Area, Text, Number Field, Audio, Video, Captcha, Depended Selects, Multi Select, Slider, Gallery, Email, Phone, Category, Price, Select list price, Calculate Price, Radio Button Price. Also you may create complex field. Field base on entity which you created before.
checkmark green Your customers can use the rating system for rate any content! Rate content using stars or number format.

Responsive Image Gallery - Joomla Gallery component:

checkmark green Responsive design
checkmark green Possibility show video content.
checkmark green FancyBox 3 with tuch slide
checkmark green Awesome layouts

OS Tuch Slider - Joomla Slideshow Module

checkmark green Responsive design
checkmark green Image Touch slide
checkmark green Layer slider
checkmark green Animation for any type html object

OS Joomla Social Comments and Sharing module

checkmark green Responsive design
checkmark green You can comment and share your site pages

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