MediaLibrary basic

This is the Basic version of MediaLibrary, with limited functionality compared to the commercial Pro and Pro Shop versions. Those are available from the OS Shop

You can see the difference between the Basic, Pro and Pro Shop version in the article:
MediaLibrary Basic and Pro Feature Comparison.


Release date: 25 March 2009


MediaLibrary Basic 1.5.3 requires:

Joomla 1.5.x, PHP5 with SOAP, CURL, XSL, GD.


Component Summary:

  • Full category and subcategory support
  • MediaID for internal administration
  • Lend/Return management, with frontend lend request possibility
  • Possibility of frontend media reviews by users, reviews management in the backend
  • Built-in emedia support
  • Media information and covers retrieved from Amazon through ISBN c.q. ASIN or entered manually
  • Import and export options (CSV, XML, MySQL)
  • Remote files accessed through CURL for added security
  • English and Russian included, additonal language files can be downloaded later from the website
  • Requires Joomla 1.5.x, PHP5 with CURL, XSL


Useful plugins and modules:


Released under the GNU/GPL.

OrdaSoft team. March 2009.


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