OrdaSoft Content Construction Kit - component of creating website - New Version

joomla cck - website builder, powerful component for create website

Website Builder - Joomla CCK is great solution for build website. With this Joomla CCK you may create any type of website, like event website, create online store, vehicle website or build real estate website. Also it helps to create various kinds of content: product catalogs, classifieds, listings, blog, galleries, sliders, rating systems, video, audio etc.

Security improvement !

The security error have been fixed, so if you use our product, please update OrdaSoft Joomla CCK - website builder to the latest version !

We follow the new trends and try to make Joomla CCK - website builder even more flexible and powerful, so that when you can use only Joomla CCK component to easily create complete, highly functional sites. For this we have released a new updated version of our Website Builder, where we have expanded the features and fixed the bugs.

New Features of Website Builder - Joomla CCK

✔ Added 'Joomla User' entity type.

Website Builder - Joomla CCK has opened the possibilities for all sites where people are present (medical sites, school and university sites, various sports section sites, etc.) manage the users and content of these users. Each group of users may have different fields and can display differently. With Simple membership you can manage access for different groups and create social networking site.

✔ Added Update system

We try to keep up to date and have added the possibility to automatically upgrade to a new version of Website Builder - Joomla CCK. In this way, the possibilities of your site will be expanded for every update

✔ Added the ability to copy instances (Pro version only)

You have the opportunity to easily duplicate your instance.

Special features have opened up for event sites. When copying your instance, you can select a field that will increase once per hour, week, month and thus easily create recurrent events!

  1. Normal copying.
  2. Multiple copying
  3. Multiple copying with a time interval

✔ Added sorting by field for child entities in add layout

Added ability to sort by certain fields. Now you create an entity with a set of other entities and sort it by your specified field in the form of an addition.

✔ Added autocomplete by field for child entities in add layout

Now there is no need to write the whole phrase, the added autocomplete will help you in quick sorting.

✔ Joomla 4.0 alpha ready

The Joomla CCK - website builder is not standing still and is developing with Joomla so we added support for Joomla 4 alpha. You can feel on the wing of technology!

✔ Improving page loading speed.

Ordasoft has paid special attention to speeding up page loading. Now you won't waste precious time waiting for pages to load!

✔ Added the ability to set available time periods for rent.

Website Builder - Joomla CCK is a multi-system that now lets you rent out by time and has a calendar connection. Which allowed us to set a fixed time, for example, a person's working time.

✔ Bugfix.

We try to always bring improvements and fix bugs in our component, so the WEbsite Builder - Joomla CCK opens wide possibilities for creation of any web site!

How start working with the Website Builder - Joomla CCK you can watch on video.