OS Image Gallery Changelist

Current Version: 1.0.6

OS Image Gallery 1.0.6 from 2016.10.24

  • Added Load More button
  • Added Load More settings
  • OS Image Gallery 1.0.5 from 2016.09.07

  • Fixed behaviour of watermark height for vertical image
  • Fixed text/image checkbox when watermark not redrawing
  • OS Image Gallery 1.0.4 from 2016.09.01

  • Fix bug with incorrect deleting gallery and folder
  • OS Image Gallery 1.0.3 from 2016.08.31

  • Fixed bug with saving new text
  • Added auto-remove symbols '<' and '>' from image and category text
  • Added support of special symbols like !@#$%^&*()''""\|/~` etc. ('<' and '>' not included)
  • OS Image Gallery 1.0.2 from 2016.08.29

  • Added text encoding when saving to database
  • Added option for arrow (Inside or outside Fancybox)
  • Added spinner when saving gallery
  • Fixed opening of update article in the same tab
  • OS Image Gallery 1.0.1 from 2016.08.18

  • Fixed CSS bugs
  • Deleted bootstrap from frontend
  • Fixed dropdown menu bag

    The old versions of OS Responsive Image Gallery can't be updated to new OS Image Gallery 1.0, as it has different data structure. New OS Responsive Image Gallery can be updated to the next version without problems.
    Still we recommend you to make the backup of your website (files, images, folders and database). At first please check upgrade/update process at the test website.

    * Only if you have valid subscription on OS Responsive Image Gallery. The members of Developer Club can download it from Home -> Downloads. Please log in first.

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