OS Simple Membership

Completely New Version is Here

OS Simple Membership new version

For a long time we did not release a new version of OS Simple Membership - Joomla Membership Extension. And now it's time to introduce you a super update of our Joomla user component! There are only three of them, but they are very serious. So, let's go:

1. Login via Facebook and Gmail accounts

Everybody uses a variety of social networks every day: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and others. So we thought why not make your login form more convenient and fast for your customers? We decided to use the most popular social network Facebook and the most popular email system Gmail. If you are a Facebook or Gmail user, you can sign in with your accounts. For this, your users need to login via Facebook or login via Gmail and go to your website without any problems. It will simplify the life of your users and save their time;)

2. Captcha in Login form

To protect against spammers, we have implemented a Captcha. Use the Captcha in the login form for greater reliability. This will protect you from unwanted users, robots and will not increase the size of the database. You will rarely have to clean the database of your users. It can be disabled/enabled in the module settings.

3. Modal login in Simple Membership

In the new version, we added the ability to select the display of the login form: by default (as before) and in the pop-up (Modal snippet). The modal login window can be styled for any website design with the help of CSS. So, pop up login form is very convenient and now our functionality can be entered into any functional.

4. The ability to exchange messages between users

Now you can send messages to users and receive messages from them. This is very especially on advertisement sites. Also using messaging between users you can create a small professional community based on what you do: the community of real estate agents, cars, books, media products, etc. All messages will be displayed in the tab "SMS messages".

5. Support Content Construction Kit for Joomla

All Ordasoft Joomla extensions work well with each other. OS Simple Membership is no exception. It supports Real Estate Manager - Joomla Component for realty management, Vehicle Manager - Joomla automotive extension, Book Library - Joomla eBook Extension, Media Library - Joomla extension and now also supports our new Content Construction Kit for Joomla - OS CCK.