SEO Marketing

SEO Marketing

The Ordasoft company engaged in the development and promotion web sites, as well as research and analysis of Internet resources. Competent team of marketers can provide promote and support any websites.

Our company provides a wide range of services within the scope of SEO marketing.

  • SEO. Promotion of sites by keywords.
  • SEO. Promotion of sites by traffic.
  • SMO. Promotion on social networks.
  • SMM. Advertising and PR in social networks.
  • SERM. Search reputation management.
  • Contextual Advertising.
  • Individual SEO consultation.
  • Audit site.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) — a set of activities whose action is directed to increase the resource position of the company or online store in a search engine for specific requests or by traffic.

Search engine optimization of web site includes:

  • Market products and services resaerch;
  • Audit and analysis of web resource (website, blog);
  • Preparation of the semantic core;
  • The reorganization, tuning and optimizing a website;
  • Promoting the products and services on the first positions of search engines;
  • Maintaining its leading position in the Internet.

SMO (Social Media Optimization) — package of actions aimed at maximizing attraction for visitors to the desired resource from the social media, i.e. social networks, blogs, etc.

SMM (Social Media Marketing) — this is a PR marketing, advertising, social media (social networks, blogs, forums, communities).

SERM (Search engine reputation management) — combines traditional Online Reputation Management mechanisms and SEO. The SERM purpose is to clear Google from the negative references to a person, company, brand, product.

Contextual advertising — this is paid advertising on the Internet, which appears with the search results in search issuance. The advantage of contextual advertising lies in its fine-tuning. This could include the the timing of your advertising, and the maximum coverage of the target audience.

Site audit — this is detailed analysis, by which to assess the state of the resource at the moment, as well as identify actions to improve it. Site audit is quite important, since it was he who helps to determine what should be web-resource for its effective promotion. And, consequently, making it the most relevant in the “eyes” of search engines.

With the Ordasoft team of SEO-marketing you can be confident that your site:

  • Become a leader Google search issue;
  • Increase traffic to the target audience;
  • Increase the number of sales;
  • Improved reputation;
  • Will be recognizable and popular.

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