Vehicle Manager

Vehicle Manager - new version here!!!

We released a new version of Joomla Vehicle Manager - Joomla Vehicle Extension. We much work, and added very useful and excellent features for create websites with your vehicles. Now creating Joomla Vehicles site more cheap, more simply and ... So, let's go:

In new version of Vehicle Manager you see:

1. OpenMap ( Open Layer )

YES, YES, Yes. We added in joomla Vehicle manager possibility show your cars with help OpenMap (Open Layer). Now you no need pay for map use!!! Now you may use OpenMap ( Open Layer ) API full free!!!. You more no need pay for use Google Map API. Free Map tools from OpenMap ( Open Layer ) already in our vehicles manager.

We not removed Google Map API, so you may continue use Map Service From google for create your vehicles sites.

Support OpenMap API ( Open Layer API ): Support OpenMap ( Open Layer )

2. OpenMap Geocoding and search cars by radius

We add to Vehicles Advance search possibility search nearest cars by radius!!!. Now you: type your address and our cars search check latitude and longitude for this address. And we show to you the nearest cars in search result

Use OpenMap API ( Open Layer API ) let not only show your cars on map. Now we added receive latitude and longitude of cars by address with help OpenMap API ( Open Layer API ). So now you may use free geocoding (geolocation) from Open Map.

OpenMap Geocoding and search vehicles by radius

3. Rotate image with Exif data

You not wish rotate photos from mobile phones for your vehicles. Now to Vehicle Manager we added support EXIF data. So all your image will show correctly

Rotate image with Exif data

4. Added Features fields to cars search

Do you remember in our Joomla Vehicles software you may create and add any Feature field to every car? Now we added Features fields to Cars advance search layout. So now you may extend your advance car search layout to any feature field.

ALSO: now you no need create new feature field for every language, Now in Vehicle Manager we added possibility translate Features fields with help Vehicle->Language Manager

Added Features fields to vehicles search

5. Another features of Joomla Vehicle Manager...

- We changed how Captcha work. We added captcha to every Vehicle Manager add form.

- We added Captcha to Free version our Vehicle software.

- We update all plugins and Modules for Vehicle Manager.

- We changed design and refresh all our Vehicle Templates, Now all our Vehicles QuickStarts created with use most resent Joomla version and Most resent OrdaSoft Components and Modules