Vehicle Manager v.3.5:
car dealership software becomes more comprehensive

The latest update comes with new features as well as fixes for issues reported by our customers. So let's see what new features were added in Vehicle Manager v.3.5 and how you can use them to improve vehicle/car rental website.

1. New design for Vehicle Manager, car dealership website builder

The changes affected all layouts of Vehicle Manager: all categories (default and image), all vehicles (default and list), my vehicles, owners list, search (default and advanced), single category (default and list), single vehicle view. Modern-looking and responsive design now is implemented in Vehicle Manager, just have a look:

Vehicle Manager: all cars layout

Layout of Vehicle Manager v.3.5: All Vehicles (Default)

Vehicle Manager: Single Vehicle layout

Layout of Vehicle Manager v.3.5: Single Vehicle

2. Convenient method of updating of Vehicle Manager, Joomla automotive extension

Just download new version of VM from our site, upload it via Extension Manager (as usual) and continue working on the new version. All images and vehicles that were in your old version will remain in the new version.

Important: We still recommend you to make backup (and save files and folders) of your website before update.

3. Improved Location (Google) map module for Vehicle Manager: now with search layout

New Location Map module includes layout with search. Now you can easily filter vehicles by Address, Range, Category on the map. Also new stylish markers were added.

Vehicle Manager: New Location Map module with search

Location Map module for VM v.3.5: Search Layout

4. Improved Calendar in Vehicle Manager v.3.5: New Design & Display of Unavailable dates

In standard calendar (that's placed in tab "Calendar") was added possibility to display available and unavailable dates, also it was corrected in calendar of contact form with agent (for rent vehicles).

Calendar in Vehicle Manager v.3.5

Calendar in Vehicle Manager v.3.5

5. Support of Video from YouTube and Uploaded video

In version 3.5 of our automotive Joomla component admin and agents can add video from YouTube to vehicles or upload video files from computer. Process of adding videos from YouTube is very simple. Just copy YouTube video code from URL of video on YouTube and insert it in special field in Vehicle Manager.

Support of Video from YouTube and Uploaded video

Buttons for uploading video files in VM v.3.5 (YouTube incl.)

6. Other updates and fixes

But it is not the end of updates in Vehicle Manager v.3.5, auto website builder. Also were added details of orders, option for cropping of images (images will look nicely on all layouts), listing statuses on images from All Vehicles layout (for rent and for sale). Now it is possible to track the rent history of selected user and rent history of selected vehicle.

Also were fixed bugs with import/export, number of uploaded images and some other issues.