Joomla CCK, community website builder

Ordasoft Joomla CCK is powerful website builder, for building website of any complexity! With Joomla CCK you may easy build community website!

Joomla CCK Ordasoft Community website builder has ready functional for build community website: build university website, build school website, build online courses website, build online programming classes website, build website for distant education, or build any other community website.

Full user management with Community website builder

Ordasoft Joomla CCK community website builder works together with Simple membership component - Joomla membership. Simple membership help:

  • Create a public or private community
  • Manage user registration
  • Receive money for registration
  • Set rules for membership
  • Create a user profile with different access levels
  • Showcase user-related content

Joomla CCK community website builder permit create different content and show this content exactly as you need: for user, from user.

  • Unlimited quantity of Layout: review, calendar, search, rating and more...
  • Unlimited quantity of Entities: blog posts, media, video, book, car.. You may create any entities that you need
  • Ability to set meta data for instances (Meta keywords and meta description)
  • Unlimited fields types. Available so base fields: Date/Time, File Field, Gallery, Image Field, Location map (Google maps), Radio buttons...

With help Ordasoft Joomla CCK community website builder on your community website Users can: subscribe, ask questions, vote, add content.

Joomla CCK Community website builder allow to user add various content to the website, send messages that increase the involvement of your users, increase the level of customer retention increase customer value.

Powerful Joomla CCK community website builder has ability to embed other powerful Joomla extensions.

Vast opportunities of Community website builder in Education Website template

To show the possibilities of Ordasoft Joomla CCK community website builder Ordasoft team special built Web University - education website template with all the necessary features and functions for community website.

education website template

Web University, education website template with modern education website design and ideal for build universities websites.

web university, education website template, student profile

With Ordasoft Joomla CCK demonstrate an unlimited amount of photos, create unforgettable slideshows, upload video, create and edit lesson schedule, create your personal profile creatively and interestingly, write blog posts, write massage.

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