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Please add sites what really use VehicleManager component, please write about yours experience, tricks ...

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davem (Visitor)
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PayPal 7 Years, 5 Months ago
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I am looking at the package with the free version right now.
The site will be located at www.lotun.vcom if that matters

My questions, all with using paypal:
Can I charge individuals for their ads with also charges for images(over a certain number) and things like being in the slider(or other) and can they enter their own ads from the front after a log in?
Can dealer(s) upload their inventory via cvs, or other and be charged per number of ads - say for a month in advance?

We will be servicing cars, trucks, commercial, boats, airplanes, farm equip and other. To be split off after a sizeable growth. No rentals here.

example break down:
car ad = 25.00
after 10 pics, 1.00 each
to top 2.00 (slider)
bold or other 1.00

We won't be having payments for vehicles on the website. That places us in the middle and not a good thing for us. Just let the buyer contact the seller.

So far, I like what I see.
One of your competitors managed to break the caching on the site, so it is all new now and rather blank. The other was, they had no forum - not good.

As an aside: a module image of your templates would be a good thing. I could find none.

Thanks for the answers.
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AnnaZh (Admin)
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Re:PayPal 7 Years, 5 Months ago
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Dear Dave,

Thank you for interest in our products.

Together with Simple Membership
you can charge users for entering specific groups and in settings of Vehicle Manager you can specify how many ads and photos in ads users from each group can add (for a specific period of time).

Also you can specify number of features clicks and shows in each vehicle, so this vehicle will appear specified number of times in Featured module.

Charging over number of photos like in example is not possible in current version of Vehicle Manager. But we can add this feature as custom (paid) work.
If you want to make some customization with our help, you have to write via our Contact form your exact requirements and we will give a quote for custom work.

Please clarify what do you mean by "module image of your templates"?

Best Regards,
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