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create jewelry website

In people's lives - Jewelry has always been a special place . The history of jewelry has several thousand years. Of course, such desirable items have created a very profitable industry. When you create jewelry website, you can embody the image that you have conceived that will help sales. Create Jewelry website - it is not only trade, sale of jewelry, but also an extensive jewelry catalog. A potential buyer can for several hours in a row without rush, in a comfortable environment to consider the catalog, choosing for yourself all possible options for buying jewelry.

Create Jewelry website with help Store website builder - Joomla CCK

We have create Jewelry store with professionally developed web design that has many features necessary for e-commerce. The design of the Jewelry eCommerce Joomla template has been thought out in detail, it is not striking, and will create a comfortable environment for the user on the site. After all attention should focus on the product itself. Therefore, for the design of the site, we did not use a large number of colors.

create Jewelry website - Joomla eCommerce template

    We used our most powerful components to create Jewelry website such as:

  • Joomla CCK - Store website builder will open to you unlimited opportunities in creating an excellent jewelry website.

  • Joomla gallerywill showcases the full range of photos of your jewelry eCommerce website template

  • Simple Membership will help your customers login to your website.

  • Social Comments and Sharing. In jewelry joomla eCommerce teplate - Sharing Buttons will help you to increase your audience by engaging people from social networks as well as sharing content across multiple social networks and platforms.

  • Responsive Slider will showcases best testimonials in your jewelry joomla eCommerce template

A Jewelry is a quality website, with a clear and user-friendly interface. The template allows you to create not only beautiful product cards, but also to track every purchase, constantly changing prices and other data on hundreds and thousands of pages.

Unlimited possibilities Joomla CCK - Store website builder for create Jewelry store

Unlimited layouts for your Jewelry store and any type of filter for product search build with help Joomla CCK - Store website builder. You can add/delete categories and products, customize anything and advanced shop filter with search you will find at "Product page".

New Price fields for your Jewelry store. You may add many price fields to one product. You may create Base price (main Price of product), You may add additional price for color or for size (or for some another features) build with help Joomla CCK - Store website builder.

Tax or Coupons for your Jewelry store. Together with "Joomla CCK Access settings", you may create Tax or Coupons to some "Joomla user group". So your product price may are calculate like: Base price + Price for red color + Price for additional service + % tax of state + % tax of country - coupons for some user group. Joomla CCK - store website builder added Coupons Manager and ability to display discounted goods or new items. In the coupon manager you have the opportunity to set a discount in value or percent.

jewelry eCommerce website template for create jewelry website

Create Jewelry website with comfortable shopping cart

Our Jewelry eCommerce template has comfortable shopping cart with a visually intuitive icon and an elaborate design. There is visibility an empty cart or a full one and by entering the cart the buyer receives basic information about the product and price, also sees the "Buy goods form".

comfortable shopping cart for create jewelry website

Create Jewelry store with Sections Testimonials and Blog

The "Testimonials" section in the eCommerce Jewelry Template is designed with help Responsive Slider. Responsive Slider is one of the best Joomla slider extensions with fully customizable functionality. In Blog section you can write articles about productions.

Create Jewelry website - Jewelry Joomla eCommerce template

Create Jewelry website with "Personal sales Guide"

Your customers will easily find contact information and log in to their account with help Simple Membership. You can easily manage your customers and create memberships.

The Jewelry Joomla eCommerce template has many features not described, which you can find out about by clicking on the "Details" button.

For quick and easy installation our Jewelry Joomla eCommerce template includes quickstart file and documentations. With quickstart you can easily install template!!!.