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OS Social Comments and Sharing became powerful and flexible tool for your Joomla website. Social share module includes 8+ awesome layouts, you will be able place them anywhere on your website. Joomla social share module has preview of layouts in backend area. Social software has original sharing buttons (Facebook Like button; Facebook share button; Twitter share button; Google+ share button; LinkedIn share button; VKontakte share button; Odnoklassniki share button). In Social extension NOW available AddThis Social Share, counter option and control settings for sharing buttons size, styling settings. Social Share module has Responsive Design and Drag and Drop.

OS Social Comments includes Facebook Social Comments Box. Joomla comment box enables Facebook users to comment on your site's content. The user can share the comment on Facebook on their Wall. Comments in Social Box can be sorted by top, newest and oldest. Settings for Facebook Comments Box allows to change width of box, number visible posts and colors scheme of Facebook comments box.

Joomla social share module

social share moduleFacebook Social Comments Box AddThis Social Share XPath Integration for images
Demo version of OS Comments and Sharing - Joomla social share module

Amazing Features of Social share module allow increase audience by engaging with people and distribute content across multiple social networks and platforms.

  • 8+ Layouts
  • Responsive Design
  • DragDrop
  • Sharing Counter
  • MultiLanguage
  • Facebook Application ID
  • XPath Integration for images
  • AddThis Social Share
  • Facebook Social Comments Box
  • Facebook Like button
  • Facebook Share button
  • Twitter Share button
  • Google+ Share button
  • VKontakte Share button
  • Odnoklassniki share button

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