OS Touch Slider v.2.5 - Joomla Slider

Completely New Version is Here

Joomla Slider new version

After release the 1st version of Joomla Slider Joomla Slider we have received a lot of feedback from you, and also suggestions for it's improvement. Now it's time to improve it! Meet the new Version 2.5 of OS Touch Slider! And the first we added animation for HTML, copy text/image and insert it with all styles, replacement of images with preservation existing styles. Let's have a look on them in greater detail.

1. Added Animation for HTML

Frontend Visual Editor in Joomla Slider

In new version of Joomla Slider we added the animation for html tags. You can insert to slider phrases, words, individual letters and even images and all of them will be animated according to your wishes.

2. Added Copy text and insert it with all styles

Transition builder for custom animations

Now you don't need to add the same text several times. Just copy already available text with all it's styles by clicking on the icon "image". It is very convenient and easy!

3. Added Copy image and insert it with all styles

Styling options for captions

We liked the idea with text and we thought: why not do the same with the images? You can duplicate the image with the text available in it and then replace text or image. We hope you'll evaluate it ;)

4. Added replacement of images with preservation existing styles

Drag and Drop Feature

What to do if you make a perfect slide, but then decided that the image doesn't fit? Now this isn't a problem!;) You don't have to do everything anew and now replace the image is sufficient, keeping the text

We also fixed minor bugs for you to enjoy using our slider.

This version of Joomla Slider doesn't support updater. Installing OS Touch Slider on the top of previous version will remove old version of OS Touch Slider and intall the new one. So please make the backup of your website (files, images, folders and database). At first please check upgrade/update process at the test website!