Real Estate Software 2.1 for Joomla 1.6 & Joomla 1.7

Real Estate Manager 2.1 was realized in two versions:

  • Real Estate property Component PRO 2.1
  • Real Estate property Component Basic 2.1

More about each version you can found here: Real Estate Comparison Pro and Basic versions


You can see the difference between the Basic and Pro version in the article: Real Estate Manager component Basic and Pro Feature Comparison.

What's new in Real Estate Manager PRO 2.1  software?

First of all, may be noted was added the ability to create and change profiles real estate sellers. Now with Real Estate Manager Software may change the information about rental house/apartment owner, estate agent, etc.
In the real estate manager software for property websites on joomla, agent will can from site frontend full control add/edit/delete/publish/unpublish self houses.

In new version Real Estate Manager Pro 2.1 was added email notice to admin or buyer about order status. You can change currency, because the price now consists of two fields: price and price units.
Added support multicategories. Now one real estate you can save in many categories.
Is very important for the development real estate websites, that in  Real Estate Manager Pro 2.1 was included error fix function. Changed import-export. Now we do full import/export with help XML to/from multicategories, changed database structure.

Administrators now can create new menu items, such as "My houses list", to some owner/dialer houses list, etc. Added RSS. With User Right check options. In the Real Estate Manager software  was added gallery view, for show houses, and option for set how users can see all houses: gallery or list.  Added option in gallery view for set image size. For the convenience of users has been changed extended search of real estate.
In the Real Estate Manager software included many useful modules. Next, tell more about them.

Useful modules for Real Estate Manager PRO 2.1

Real Estate Top 10 module PRO 2.1 this component displays the 10 most visited Real Estates from real estate in a list, with the number of hits behind it. With compatibility for the sh404SEF URLs. Could be mainly useful for websites having big catalog of Real estates. It's very comfortably for visitors see most popular 10 Real estate items on your Joomla site.

Real Estate Location module PRO 2.1. The users may mark location apartments. Also you can displays on map by Real Estate id, categories and select number of Real Estates from Real Estate Manager PRO 2.1. This module is very useful for real estate agency's with a large catalog of property. It's very comfortably if visitors will seen yours Real Estate items on Google map your  joomla site. This real estate module have such function: Google Maps key; Zoom Level; Width of map (px); Height of map (px); Show Map Type Menu (Map-Satellite-Hybrid), yes or no - Show Map Controls (Up-Down-Left-Right), yes or no; Set real estate category - from what will need show property on maps; Set real estate IDs - what will need show at map.

Real Estate Search module 2.1 an advanced property search. Due to the large number of parameters real estate search, your website will be user-friendly. Visitors can search Real Estate & Property by the different parameters: Title, Address, Broker, Feature, Description, Listing type, Area, Property ownership, Model, Style, Agent, Zoning, Category.

Real Estate New Property module 2.1 for Real Estate Manager Software display what new property items were added in real estate catalog. This module version have the following additions and options: Item Count (the number of Real estates to display); Description Words Count (word limit for Real estates description); show or hide Real estates title; Show Image; Set Image Height; Display either vertical or horizontal.

Real Estate Manager Top Property module Pro 2.1 displays top real estate items from the Real Estate Manager Software. You can choose the type and number of property items to display. This module version have: display top by hits/date;  show Real Estate photos; Real Estate price; set height for photos; hits; display the number of real estate items.
Furthermore, in addition to the product can download four free plug-ins.

Free download plug-ins for Real Estate Manager Software Pro 2.1

  • Real Estate Manager Search Plugin 2.1 (allows you make searching by Real Estate items(flat, house) from Real Estate Manager software component directly through the general Joomla site search.)
  • Real Estate link - in - Content Plugin (allows you to insert a link to a Real Estate Items(flat, house) in free Real Estate Manager software component into site page content. Shows caption, photo and title).
  • Xmap plugin for Real Estate Manager 2.1 (show property items in Xmap (a sitemap component from Vargas)).
  • sh404SEF plugin (enable automatically generate (SEF) URLs, that are composed from the Real Estate categories and Real Estate Items (house, flat) titles).

In conclusion we can say that the new application from the company Ordasoft The Real Estate Manager Pro 2.1 a very high quality components for real estate websites on joomla.

Demo Real Estate Manager component

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