How to configure SEF Translate (Basic)

Follow this steps to configure SEF Translate Basic (free version). If you have Pro or Pro Commercial version, please read this tutorial How to configure SEF Translate (Pro)

  1. Install SEF Translate component.
  2. Install SEF Translate module.
  3. Go to Extensions -> Module Manager -> SEF Translate module.
  4. 3.1. Set Translation Method for you site If you select jQuery then your site will be translated without redirect when the user clicks on language flag or chooses language from the drop-down list.
    If you select Redirect then your website will be redirected and page will be opened on selected language.
    3.2. Enter languages which you want to display in drop-down List on frontend. If you choose no language, drop-down list won't be shown on frontend.
    3.3. Enter languages which you want to display in the form of Flags on frontend.

  5. Go to Components -> SEF Translate -> Settings -> tab General
  6. 4.1. Website main language. Select main language of your website.
    4.2. Choose Bing or Google Translate API. For now we support Bing translate API and Google Translate API. Bing is selected as default, because it is free (up to 2,000,000 Characters/month) and supports such languages. Google provides paid Translate API, but it supports almost all languages. See pricing here.
    4.3. Google API Translate. Add Google API key. Get started here.
    4.4. Bing Translate API. Insert your Bing Translate API here (Client Secret and Client ID). Read How to get Bing Translate API?

  7. Go to Components -> SEF Translate -> Settings -> tab Sitemap
    4.5. Sitemap Languages. You need to choose languages on which your website will be translated. This option is required.
    4.6. Use cache for Sitemap. Select use cache for Sitemap or not.
    4.7. Clear cache Sitemap. Click on button to clear cache Sitemap.

  8. To view Sitemap you have to create menu item of SEF Translate component.

Choose your version of SEF Translate and make your website multilingual!

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