Joomla translation methods

If you've ever thought about making your Joomla website multilingual you know how painful can be creating a Joomla translation. We offer you a way to make your Joomla website multilingual easy and quickly. Joomla Translate helps to add Joomla multiple languages in a matter of few minutes.

The version of Joomla Translate 3.5.1 includes new translation method - Instant Joomla translation, this makes translating of Joomla websites more easy and comfortable. So at this moment Joomla Translate, has three different methods for translating websites Joomla:

  1. Instant
  2. jQuery
  3. Redirect

Let's take a closer look on them and decide in what case which Joomla translation method is the most suitable.

Instant Joomla translation method is the most easy and quick automatic Joomla translation method on the market. With its help you can make Joomla website multilingual literally in few minutes. You just need to install Joomla Translate component and module, then specify languages (flags and drop-down list), module position and pages where module will appear. Instant translation method is made on the base of Google Translate and doesn't require any additional configuration. This Joomla translation method doesn't use cache and translates pages on fly, so the speed of translation may be a little lower comparatively to Redirect method which uses cache functions.

jQuery Joomla translation method is similar to Instant Joomla translation, the only difference between them that jQuery translation method can use not only Google Translate, but also Bing Translator. So, if for some reasons your site doesn't support by Google Translate, you can choose Bing translating servises. Bing provides free quota on translating whereas Google offers only paid subscription. jQuery Joomla translation method requires additional configuration in settings of Joomla Translate (inserting Google or Bing API). Cache saving features aren't available.

Redirect Joomla translation method is the most comprehensive method for Joomla multilingual websites, but it requires additional configurations. Yet the advantages of this Joomla translation method will be much bigger than initial difficulties with installation. Also we've written detailed documentation and provide assistance in configuration if something isn't clear for you.

So advantages of Redirect Joomla translation method are as following:

  1. ability to enable cache saving, that results in higher speed of translation (starting from second translation) and saving the quota;
  2. when translating website pages using Redirect method, a new page with translation is created. This translated page has its own URL and can be ranked in search engines, so your website will be presented in search engines (like Google, Bing or Yahoo) on different languages;
  3. Redirect Joomla translation method also allows to save translated pages in database or files and then correct machine (automatic) translations to your liking (Joomla Translate Pro Commercial version). In other words, you will get your website translated by machine and impoved with human translation. This combination can bring perfect results both in speed of translation and quality of translation for Joomla websites.

Let's summarise what was described above in a form of table:

Easiness in configuring Speed of translation (cache enabled) SEO Features Ability to edit automatically translated pages and URLs
Instant High Medium Low No
jQuery Medium Medium Low No
Redirect Low High High Yes

So, now you can choose what method will be the best for you and most appropriate for your Joomla website. If you want free consultation or not sure what version of Joomla Translate you need, please contact us via form in the right bottom. Compare Joomla Translate versions here.

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