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Meet Update of SEF Translate - software for automatic website translation

Open New possibilities in site translations!

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Opening 2021 year with the new capabilities of Sef Translate software for automatically translate websites! In addition to the standard options of Google Translator or Bing Translator, set the desired cache parameters, translation algorithms, edit automatically translated pages, URLs... Ordasoft has expanded its capabilities! Translating your website into any language has become even accurately and simpler.

New features for even more accurate website translation!

  • 01. Added language autodetect settings. Ideal for mixed types of sites and e-commerce websites, when is needed accurate translation of product features and options.
  • 02. Even more new languages. The variety of languages will impress any customer!
  • added languages from bing translator new languages fron google translate
  • 03. Added flags to select list, to module. When you select a language in the selection list, a flag for that language, will be displayed next to it. This feature will make it easier to understand which language is selected. Bootstrap support for adding flags.
  • choose language in select list with flag
  • 04. Added phrases manager. Translation accuracy is very important to ensure that customers understand your website content. There are times when Google or Bing does not translate correctly. Phrases Manager allows you to correct or change phrases. In this case, Google Translator or Bing translator will not take money for the corrected phrase. So, from now on SEF Translate allows you to save money and have an accurate translation website!
  • 05. Correct flags images. The company appreciates each of our customers, we know how important it is for you to display the flag of the country to which the language belongs.

Ordasoft SEF Translate Meet Update of SEF Translate - software for automatic website translation