Join Ordasoft Affiliate Program

Earn big money by promoting OrdaSoft products

It is very easy to start our Joomla affiliate program. You need just sign up and you will get a range of banners and textual links. You can place them within your site or use another way of promotion (email, social networks and so on).

When users click on one of your links, they are moved to our website and their activity is tracked by our affiliate software. When user buys something, you earn up to 55% commission from each sale.

Benefits of Ordasoft Joomla affiliate program

  • Easy to sign up and manage
  • No technical knowledge required
  • High commission and rapid monthly payments
  • Easy to track clicks and sales through your Joomla affiliate panel
  • Variety of templates, extensions and other products for promotion
  • Wide range of eye-catching banners, text links and other promo materials

How does Joomla affiliate program work?

  • Your visitor clicks on affiliate link
  • Our Joomla affiliate program remembers cookies of your visitor (on 29 days)
  • This visitor browses our site and (after some time) decides to purchase some our product
  • Our Joomla affiliate program sees that visitor comes to us from your site (through cookies)
  • Visitor makes payment and you receive your money.

How can you earn more money?

    The best our Joomla affiliates earn a thousands of dollars in a single month.
    You can use some of their promotion methods:
  • Putting ads and our banners on each of our product categories in strategic,
    high-traffic areas of website
  • Making a reviews about our products and recommending them
    on thematic websites, forums, blogs, etc
  • Social activities and sharing information about our templates, extensions,
    membership in social networks
  • Making email promos
  • Using contextual advertising, SEO and other legal methods
  • Coupons sharing How to promote Ordasoft coupons?
  • More tips in article How to promote OrdaSoft templates and themes?

When do you get your money?

  • Payments are made by user request, for the previous month
  • The minimum balance required for payout is $100

How to manage affiliate program?

Read more about how to manage affiliate program and
How to succeed in affiliate marketing

Still have questions?

Do not hesitate to contact us on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

How much will you get paid?

In the table you can see the percentage of commission with respect to number of approved sales in unpaid commission. This means that you can get from 25% to 55% depending on the number of confirmed sales referring from your website. See example of calculating the commission
NOTE, that we pay money by user request, so if you have more than $100 and you want to get money on your account, please contact us through this form.
Confirmed sales in unpaid commission
1 - 20
21 - 40
41 - 60
61 and