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* All our plans include:

- 1 year subscription;
- Premium support during membership;
- Free update during membership;
- Free copyright removal;
- Refund (Please check Terms and Conditions);
- Unlimited time to use our products;

** After 1 year, without renewal of the license, you lose access to updates of our products.

What our customers say about Real estate manager - property management joomla listing software?

"The software is installed in a Greece based website for selling land and houses. Very easy to install, very easy to make it play in your needs. And the most of all, very helpful people"

alex iatrid

"Real Estate Manager es una gran extención El uso es amigable e intuitivo. En la medida que el componente se ha ido actualizando, la facilidad de uso se ha mantenido.!"


"Je l'utilise le module pour notre site de location d'appartements en ligne. Les fonctionnalités disponibles remplissent entièrement mes besoins."


"I used it to build my client's site, he mainly needed to manage rented apartments. in my humble opinion clearly designed, with excellent functionality"


"Perfect for our needs, we got happy with the results, almost without changes on the default tool. The team answered all my emails within 2 hours. Even to my simple questions, polite and quick.Definitely my next template partners :)"


"I used this extension for one of my client's websites and I believe that it is a must of everyone in Real Estate business!"

Manos Mantzas

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy a single template or extension?

Yes, you can. You should go to page of template that you chose and press "Buy" button in top right corner. In the opens window you will see different tariff plans - choose the most comfortable for you.

What will I get after signup to Joomla Pro Membership?

You will get all existing Joomla templates (now more than 100) as well as all new templates that we will launch during your membership period and updates. Also you will get all extensions included in TEMPLATE packages. To know what extensions are included see the descriptions of templates.

What will I get after signup to Joomla Developer?

You will get all existing Joomla templates (now more than 100), extensions (more than 20), new Joomla templates and extensions we will launch during your membership period and updates. The significant benefit of this club is in domain licenses. Members of Joomla Developer has 50 domains while in Joomla Pro Membership the number of domains is only 15.

What is a domain license?

A domain license means a domain web installation of one of our templates. Standard club has a limit to the number of domain installs you can use. Our Joomla Developer has bigger limit on domains, you can use all our templates and extensions almost as much as you want.

What does "One time fee" mean?

It means that you pay only ONCE and get products specified in the plan for the time period specified in the plan (1 year). After your subscription will be over, you still can use templates and extensions that you've downloaded during your subscription for unlimited time. But you won't have access to new themes, extensions and their updates.

Can I use the templates/extensions after my membership expires?

Yes, you can. You do not need to have an active membership to use the template/extension furthermore. But you can't access new ones or updates for current products if your membership will expire.

I'm club member now, how can I download the products?

You should go to menu Home, submenu Downloads, choose your club and download what you want. See tutorial with screenshots

How can I get the discount on membership renewal?

To get your discount on membership renewal you have to contact us and we will send you it.

Can I resell your templates/extensions?

No, you can't resell our products. Please read our Terms of Use for more details.

Can I use your templates/extensions for my clients?

Yes, you can, but be sure that you don't exceed the maximum allowed number of domains.