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Content Construction 
Kit for Joomla

What is CCK?

CCK is content construction kit that enhances standard Joomla content manager and helps to implement almost all your ideas of website creation. CCK allows you to make up your own data structure - unlimited nested and multiple categories for each content item.
Some examples what you can create using OS CCK:

  • blog with comments and rating system
  • product catalogs
  • CV listings
  • real estate listings
  • advertisement boards
  • directories
  • All these websites you can create with help of custom fields (content types) like checkboxes, select, radio buttons, downloadable files and more. These fields give you great flexibility to create exactly what you need. Read more about OS CCK field types.

    How to create structure of the website content using OS CCK?

    The following tutorial is step by step instruction to create structure of the website content using OS CCK.
    There are simple steps you need to do.

    • 1. Create entities

    • An Entity is the largest piece of content in OS CCK. To create entity, go to Admin Area -> Components -> OS CCK -> Manage Entities and click on button Add.
      Create entities in OS CCK Joomla
      • 2. Create layouts in CCK

      • Layout is the visual structure of the page that consists of pre-created fields.

      Create layout in OS CCK Joomla

      In OS CCK to add some instance and display it on frontend, you have to add two layouts: at first Add instance layout and then Show instance layout.

      This is crucial:
      Without create "CCK Add layout" - you can't add new Items.
      Without create "CCK Show layout" - you can't show your Items.

      To create layout, go to Component OS CCK -> Layouts and click on button Add.

      Types of layouts in OS CCK Joomla

      After choosing the type of future layout, the window with three functional parts will be opened.

      Create layouts in OS CCK Joomla

      In the middle you can see button Add row. By clicking on it you can choose the number of columns for the fist row (from one to four).
      After adding the first row you can place there fields simply with help of Drag & Drop.
      On the left side there are all the fields that were created before.

      There you may: add new fields, add created before layouts and add created before modules by clicking on Add new button.

      Adding new fields in OrdaSoft cck:

      New field you may add at time edit/create CCK layout.
      When adding a new field window opens where you can edit previously created fields (edit button), delete unnecessary fields (be noted and press delete) and create a new field (new button).
      Edit field in OS CCK Joomla

      Pressing the new button will open a window in which you will need to enter the name of the field and select its type. More information about the types of fields you can read here.

      layout 9_layout_settings

      That would save your changes, click Save and Close.

      New field in OS CCK Joomla

      When you finish arranging the fields in rows and columns, have a look at the right side. There you'll find options panel, where you can change main and styling options for the field, row, column and entire form.

      Main options in OS CCK Joomla

      Styling options in OS CCK Joomla
      • 3. Create instances

      An Instance is the smallest piece of content in OS CCK. You will add an instance by filling in fields that you created before. You can do this in tab Components -> OS CCK -> Instances.

      Create instances in OS CCK Joomla
      • 4. Create menu item

      • To display the selected layout on the front end you have go to Menus -> Main Menu -> Add New Menu Item, click button Select and choose type of content in OS CCK. Don't forget to specify what layout you want to display in Params of Menu Item.

        Create menu item in OS CCK Joomla
        Create menu item in OS CCK Joomla
        • Creating categories and subcategories

        • Also in OS CCK you can assign an instance (the smallest piece of content) to several categories and subcategories. By creating categories and subcategories you make structure of your content. To do this go to Components -> OS CCK -> Categories and click on button Add

          Create menu item in OS CCK Joomla

          That's all! Now you can create your own listing with custom fields easily with help of OS CCK

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