Show Website builder - Joomla CCK layout with help OS CCK Layout module

You may show any Website builder - Joomla CCK layout in any Joomla module position with help "OS CCK Layout module". For this you need go to the Joomla menu tab - Extention - Modules (see information in Figure 1)

joomla menu extention - modules

Figure 1. Extentsion - Modules

Then click button "NEW" and in the opened window "Select a Module Type" select "OS CCK display layout" and click on it. In open window, you will need to select in field "Select Layout" - "all instance".(more information on Figure 2)

select cck layout - all instance

Figure 2.

On the right side of the window, in the Position menu item, select the position you need (for example position 3 for default themes joomla protostart, more information on Figure 3)

select menu item

Figure 3. Position menu item

And now we go to the frontend of your site and enjoy the result.

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