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Ceramic is a new eCommerce Joomla Template. Web template hase a professional plumbing design, so it is perfect for any online store, for sanitary ware shops, building materials stores, ceramic tiles, tile factories, ceramic manufacturers and small companies for the production of finishing materials, sanitary products, building materials.

Plumbing ecommerce web template is fully responsive, that adapts to the screen resolution of the devices - smartphones, tablets and desktops. Template includes lots of useful built-in features to help you build an awesome online store. Let's take a closer look at the components of our template.

Quickstart package is delivered with Joomla Website Builder component, responsive Joomla slideshow module Responsive Joomla Slideshow, with it help you can make stunning presentations of your products, present your partners. Also you can show the testimonials of your customers at homepage. Included in ecommerce joomla template, it allows you to create the animated text, beautiful transitions and creative presentation in general.

For latest news of your company we made the section "Latest News" built on OS CCK (Content Construction Kit). With it help you can create any type of content. Also we added the section for showing the salons' interior built on responsive Image Gallery. Also we added in plumbing stote site template the great Joomla membership extension - OS Simple Membership. Your customers will can login to your website.

Also your customers will can share lovely page to the social networks by Joomla social share module OS Comments and Sharing. On contact page you will see map, built on OS Location Map Module (you save $9). Subscribe form allows your customers to receive the latest news to their email.

Install package easily and get your stylish shop in minutes. If your looking for a mobile ready, versatile design for your site template for online shop with plumbing website design is the best choice.

Key Features of eCommerce Joomla template

  • Responsive Design joomla ecommerce templates
    Responsive Joomla Template

    Ceramic is responsive Joomla template that provides beautiful experience for your clients on any device, desktop, tablet or mobile

  • Quickstart installation of ecommerce joomla templates
    Quickstart installation

    It allows you to install Joomla template, extensions and dummy data effortlessly and quickly. See how to install it in 5 min QuickStart installation for Joomla

  • ecommerce joomla templates
    Plenty of module positions

    Due to Blank FREE Joomla template, Ceramic - Joomla eCommerce Template comes with a wealth of module positions to place your content exactly where you want it.

  • Fast and Light blank joomla template
    Blank Free Joomla Template

    Plumbing store website template is packed with dozens of template options to make your work smooth and easy. See all features - Blank Free Joomla template

  • Font Awesome Icons
    Font Awesome Icons

    Font Awesome gives you scalable vector icons that can instantly be customized. View full list of Font Awesome Icons

  • Cross-Browser Compatibility eCommerce Joomla Template
    Cross-Browser Compatibility

    online store Joomla template fully compatible with all browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer 9+.

  • Twitter Bootstrap Joomla eCommerce Template
    Bootstrap 3

    Website Template is built on Bootstrap 3 - the most popular, sleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end framework for developing responsive, mobile-ready websites.

  • Google Fonts of Joomla eCommerce Template
    Google Fonts

    Choose best Google font for your website via admin area and make your design more attractive with amazing fonts from Google.

Extensions which make Joomla theme more powerful

  • OS CCK eCommerce solution for Joomla

    eCommerce solution
    OS CCK for Joomla 3.x

  • J!Blank Template - light & easy
    blank free Joomla template

  • Joomla Location Map module of Joomla eCommerce Template

    Location Map
    Google Maps Module

  • Responsive Joomla Slideshow

    Responsive Joomla Slideshow - awesome
    touch screen slideshow

  • Simple Joomla Membership
    User's Profile

  • Simple Joomla Membership
    Last online Users

  • Simple Joomla Membership
    Log in

  • Balbooa Forms - Joomla Forms

    Balbooa Forms
    Joomla Form Builder

  • Module Social
    Comments and Sharing

  • Image gallery - professional Joomla gallery
    responsive Joomla image gallery extension

Shop built on Joomla OS CCK extension

checkmark green Structure your shop with nested categories OesaSoft CCK allows you to structure his store. You can create nested categories that can be customized
checkmark green Product Description 2 types of descriptions available: short description (with quick view) and a long description (available on the product page)
checkmark green Multiple media to your products You can use the several media: images, PDFs, videos, ... for a more detailed description of your product
checkmark green Custom and Extra fields for products You can add so fields which you need, for a more detailed description of your product
checkmark green Custom price fields for products You can add custom price fields which you need, Where user will can select addition features with your product
checkmark green Multiple layouts for products You may simply change how your products look or site look, with help OS CCK
checkmark green Customers feedback To improve the quality of customer service used native review and rating system
checkmark green Individualize the shopping experience Shoppergroups individualize the shopping experience. It can change the price display/format/calculation for them
checkmark green Multicurrency Multicurrency allows your customers to view products prices in the currency they desire
checkmark green Your customers can checkout as a guest or create an account The cart checkout allows to checkout with an account or without. The cart can be adjusted to the customers need: for one-country customers it can be prefilled (automatically by IP). The shipment and payment methods can have different conditions (by weight, zip, country, currency, payment amount, shopper group and so on). Returning customers can reuse their address. They can also send a product and use as shipment address
checkmark green Increasing your cross-selling Adding related products to your product. Adding the product to several categories
checkmark green Customization the account registration Appearance can be adapted to any target audience, for example delete unnecessary fields
checkmark green Powerful SEM/SEO features SEM/SEO due meta tags for products and categories allow the customer to find your product easily through search engines. Customers can send SEF links to friends and if the page does not exist, they will see a working fallback page and search engines will receive 404
checkmark green Manage your orders Orders are always trackable, regardless registration
checkmark green Promotion your products All lists are sortable and searchable. Customers can search for products by manufacturer, category, attribute, and description
checkmark green Coupon codes Customers will appreciate discount coupons and other marketing tools
checkmark green Adding new features to your shop For adding new features to your shop use extensions
checkmark green Managing shoppers Your customers are in shopper groups. Shopper groups allows you to create price display, customized discounts, payment/shipment methods and etc
checkmark green Controlling stock There is a warning about product ordered but not finally bought
checkmark green Managing the access rights for your employees Use the advantages of the Joomla ACL (Rights management) to define the visibility and editing rights of your employees
checkmark green OrdaSoft CCK international community The big and international OS CCK community provides you with a lot information, documentation, tutorials, tips and tricks
checkmark green Low Resources Hosting OS CCK is very resource-conserving and can handle easily thousands of products on a shared host. OS CCK has not artificial limits
checkmark green Email notification system Email notification system about product purchase
checkmark green Payment gateway Paypal API, 2CheckOut, Cash on delivery included
checkmark green Shipping Give customers the option of pickup, local delivery or shipping

More features at OrdaSoft Content Constraction Kit - Joomla eCommerce extension

Ceramic template
PRO Membership
Developer Membership

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