FREE eCommerce Joomla template - Shoe Store

Shoe Store is free eCommerce website template based on new eCommerce solution. This free Joomla template was designed specially for shoe webstore, but also will fit perfectly for online store like sports store, buildstore, watches shop, perfume store, tool store, clothing store, sanitary ware shops, cosmetics and any other webshop. This eCommerce website template is 100% responsive and can be easily usable with any device - desktop computer, smartphone or tablet.

free joomla template - shoe store

Unlimited possibilities OS CCK for Shoe Store

1. Unlimited layouts for your shop and any type of filter for product search in our free template!. You can add/delete categories and products, customize anything and advanced shop filter with search you will find at "Product page".

shoe store unlimited layouts and filter

2. Comfortable shopping cart. All our free eCommerce templates and pro versions include a shopping cart with a visually intuitive icon and an elaborate design. There is visibility an empty cart or a full one and by entering the cart the buyer receives basic information about the product and price, also added a form for placing an order.

shoe store-comfortable shopping cart

3. Play with price exactly as you need. Now you not only have new fields for price set, now you may add many price fields to one product. You may create Base price (main Price of product), You may add additional price for color or for size(or for some another features). Together with "CCK Access settings", you may create Tax or Discount to some "Joomla user group". So your product price may are calculate like: Base price + Price for red color + Price for additional service + % tax of state + % tax of country - discount for some user group.

4. Create coupons and discounts in your free free store website. Now CCK added Coupons Manager and ability to display discounted goods or new items. In the coupon manager you have the opportunity to set a discount in value or percent.

shoe store coupons and discounts

Powerful components that are included in Ordasoft Free eCommerce template:

Joomla Gallery for creating the awesome galleries on your eCommerce website!!

Joomla Comments and Sharing module. Sharing Buttons help you to increase your audience by engaging people from social networks as well as sharing content across multiple social networks and platforms. Visitors of your store website could share with favorite products in social networks!!!!

Joomla Simple Membership. Your customers will can login to your shop website.

Free Joomla slideshow, with it help you can make stunning presentations of your products, awesome banners and animated text will not allow the withdrawal of your customers from the pages of your website.

For quick and easy installation Joomla template includes quickstart file and documentations. With quickstart you can easily install template!!!.