How to create subscription plan in Simple Membership?

Joomla Subscription Plans is a great way to show pricing and packages of your services on your Joomla website. Subscription plans can be Free or Paid. 10 Different layouts available to display subscription plans in Joomla membership software. You can choose any layout for your Joomla Subscription Plan.

1. Turn of Editor in Joomla administrative area

First, you need to access your Joomla 3 administrative area and from the backend of your Joomla site (administration) select System -> Global Configuration -> Site -> Default Editor * and choose Editor None

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2. Create an Article and add Layout of Subscription Plan

You need Go to Article Manager: Edit Article and create new Article (Subscription Plan 1). Put in it HTML code from file Layout1.odt (Before it unzip your folder with Subscribe Plans and you will get complete documents with layouts). In our example we chosen Layout1. Put HTML code from Layout1.odt and click Save.

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3. Copy Link from your subscribe group, which you plan to use for your Subscription Plan.

Link for subscribe in this group - will be generated automatically, after you will created your subscribe group


4. Put Link from your subscribe group in Joomla Article (Subscription Plan 1)

You need, for example in plan Basic after put Link from your subscribe group in href="/ ". You will get full subscription plan in Joomla membership software.

SJoomla membership software

5. Create a Joomla Drop-down Menu with your Article (Subscription Plan 1)

You need to access your Joomla administrative area and go to Menus -> Main Menu -> Add New Menu Item. Create menu itemPlans with submenu Subscription Plan Style 1. In Menu Item Type need to put Single Article, then Select Article, with Your Subscription Plan, in our example it is Article "Subscription Plan 1"

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5. Check your Subscription Plan on front-end of website.

Joomla membership software

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