OS CCK field types

With these available fields you can build almost everything that you need. We will extend the list of field gradually. If you have some suggestions about other necessary fields please write them on our forum.
In OS CCK there are following types of fields at the moment:
  • Text Field
  • Text Area
  • Category Field
  • Image Field
  • Gallery Field
  • Number Field
  • Date Field
  • Checkbox Field
  • Radio Button Field
  • Select List Field
  • Rating Field
  • Url Field
  • File Field
  • Audio Field
  • Video Field
  • Map Field
  • Captcha Field
  • Text Field

    A text field is a basic text control that enables the user to type a small amount of text.

    Text field input Text field display

    Text Area Field

    Text Area Field defines a multi-line text input control.

    Text Area Field Input in OS CCK Text Area Field in OS CCK

    Category Field

    Category field allows to attach instance to one or several categories.

    Category Field Input in OS CCK Category Field Display in OS CCK

    Image Field

    Image Field provides an image upload field for CCK.

    Image Field Input in OS CCK Image Field Display in OS CCK

    Gallery Field

    The Gallery field creates a simple and intuitive interface for managing a collection of images in OS CCK.

    Gallery Field Input in OS CCK Gallery Field Display in OS CCK

    Number Field

    Number Field allows you to set number value in CCK.

    Number Field in OS CCK

    Select Field

    Select Field represents a control that presents a menu of options.

    Select Field in OS CCK

    Url Field

    The Url Field is a text field that pretends the submitted value with a given protocol (e.g. http:// )

    Url Field in OS CCK

    Checkbox Field

    Checkbox Field creates a list of tick-able options.

    Checkbox Field in OS CCK

    Radio Button Field

    Radio Button fields are used for fields that have several options, but you only want users to be able to select one of those options.

    Radio Button Field in OS CCK

    File Field

    File Field provides a universal file upload field for OS CCK.

    File Field in OS CCK

    Map Field

    The Map Field creates Google Maps - an interactive map with the ability to place a marker in OS CCK.

    Map Field in OS CCK

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