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Simplest - Joomla Blog Template is a perfect choice for personal portfolio website, modern weblogs or for any creative people who want to demonstrate and sell crafts (handmade) online! Supports RTL (right to left) language, has responsive and mobile friendly design, that gives the correct display of your website on any device - computers, tablets, phones, etc. Also, check others Ordasoft Joomla templates with RTL support. This Joomla blog template is based on Joomla Blank template - great solution for content managment.

Joomla Blog Template slider

The main page of simplest template for blogging portfolio with awesome slideshow

Simple website template allows you to create amazing slideshows with your best projects (paintings, photos and other handmade products). With already installed Awesome Joomla Slider you will get this opportunity! You can create slideshow in any website page or any blog posts, with a lot of animation effects and posibility to create video or layer slideshow with your products! If you want to look for other possibilies of Joomla Slider, just take a look at Joomla templates with slideshow!

Build a creative portfolio and showcase your works divided by categories!

Everyone can have many interests and hobbies that he would like to demonstrate on the website! We have created this portfolio website template specifically, so you can showcase different types of your work by grouping them into categories! This could be a separate artwork portfolio category, a portfolio category with your own photos, or any of your other crafts! These features in Portfolio & Blog Joomla template created with Joomla CCK! Having a wide range of possibilities in the website building, provides not only the creation of a blog and a portfolio, but also included e-commerce features in the template! So, with Simple Website template for portfolio you can not only demonstrate your craft but to sell them online. If you are interested in other features of Joomla website builder, look at website builder templates, where we show store, event, booking, family tree and other web templates of Joomla Website builder.

Joomla Blog Template services
Joomla Blog Template Gallery

Ability to show portfolio galleries of your work with stunning style effects

Especially for modern Joomla blog portfolio template we included Joomla Gallery, extension that allows you to create awesome photo and video gallery on your blog web page! With Joomla Gallery in Simplest template you can create stunning galleries with posibilities to upload unlimited numbers of photos, videos, make photos with a lot of hover effects, image masks, posibilities to create watermarks on portfolio photos of your creative crafts, to protect it from plagiarism. And many other awesome features opens in Joomla Gallery in modern Blog Portfolio template! You may check and rate Joomla Templates with image gallery

Run your personal modern blog in Simplest template

Also, to build a perfect blog website template we used Joomla website builder with powerful blog features! Website builder for blogs opens for you the possibility of keeping a personal blog with the ability to daily update, add a rating to each blog post, specify the date of publication, the ability to leave comments, come up with your own design for each blog post, add unlimited photos and videos, as well as to show the author of publications and his profile. Also, you can add your blogger channel on YouTube or any other social networking website! And more other awesome features has blog website builder Joomla CCK!

Joomla Blog Template latest works
Joomla Blog Template about author

Introduce yourself to the readers of your blog portfolio website

We included this creative section in simplest Blog template so your readers could know you and your blog better! Such creative sections help us to build our best page builder Joomla. In this section you may add your photos, videos with presentation of yourself, your contact information and set any style options that has Page builder Joomla!

Convenient contact form in the website template to contact the blogger!

With included in portfolio & blog template - balbooa forms convenient contact form, where readers can contact the blogger!

Joomla Blog Template contact form
Joomla Blog Template footer

Share your creative works and blog posts to social network!

Simplest Joomla Blog Template allows sharing all your content to any social networks! With included in web template for blog and portfolio - Social Share Joomla Module you and your readers can share blog posts, photos, videos and any content from template! Such opportunities will increase interest in your blog and portfolio!

eCommerce features of Joomla Blog Template!

It is easy for your customers to make an order in Simplest website Joomla Template! Clear and easy form for registration of purchase, allows you to quickly and easily make an order of your creative projects!

Joomla Blog Template ecommere features

Choose a perfect template bundle for you!

Buying Joomla Blog Template - Simlest you will get:

  • - Quickstart package with simplest joomla template, that will help you to set up template for 5 minutes!
  • - Detailed documentation on installing and working with the template
  • - Also, you will get already installed template - all Joomla extensions for free!
  • - Get the opportunity to download all latest updates of our Joomla extensions for your site for free!
  • - Ordasoft Support that is always ready to answer all your questions and help in case of difficulties!
  • - Also by becoming our customer you will get a discount for future purchases on Ordasoft website.

Also available in: WordPress themes

Key Features of Joomla Blog Template

  • Joomla blank template
    Fully Responsive Design

    Simplest is a fully responsive Joomla portfolio template, adaptive for all PC and mobile devices (iPhone, iPad included).

  • Well-Documented Joomla Blog template
    Well Documented

    All our Joomla templates include detailed Documentation. You can also ask any questions at our Forum

  • jQuery effects
    Awesome jQuery effects

    Simple Website Template goes with awesome jQuery animations and effects which makes your website more attractive.

  • quickstart package
    Easy Setup with Quickstart package

    Easy installation in few minutes. Demo data contains complete set of configured page layouts. How to Install Quickstart package.

  • Twitter Bootstrap
    Twitter Bootstrap

    Sleek, intuitive, and powerful framework for faster and easier web development.

  • Cross-Browser Compatibility Joomla blank template
    Cross Browser Compatibility

    Simplest portfolio template fully compatible with all browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge Browser.

  • Google Fonts in Joomla portfolio template
    900+ Google Fonts

    Make your design attractive with amazing fonts from Google. We use 24 fonts, but you can connect any Google font you want.

  • awesome css effects
    Awesome CSS effects

    Joomla Template goes with awesome CSS animations and effects which makes your website more attractive.

  • Support Right To Left (RTL) and Left To Right (LTR) Language
    Support Right To Left (RTL) Language

    Simplest Joomla blog template supports Right To Left (RTL) and Left to Right (LTR) language layouts.

  • Unlimited photos in Joomla Blog template
    Unlimited Photos

    Unlimited photos on your website thaks to Ordasoft Joomla Gallery

  • Joomla Portfolio template SEO Optimized
    SEO Optimized

    Joomla portfolio template is SEO optimized! Get more clients by making content of your website fully visible for search engines.

  • amazing Gallery posibilities in Joomla Blog template
    Gallery of any complexity

    Create gallery of any complexity with Joomla Gallery 8 hover effects, watermark, "Load More" button, support Youtube/Vimeo.

  • joomla website builder for joomla blog template
    Personal blog with Joomla Website Builder

    Joomla blog template has stunning personal blog feature that makes it interesting, thanks to OrdaSoft Joomla CCK.

  • Unlimited forms joomla website builder
    Unlimited forms with CCK and Balbooa form

    Create endless types of forms with Joomla CCK and Balbooa form.

  • Joomla Slider for amazing slider in Joomla blog template_documentation
    Joomla Slider

    Joomla Template Simplest has the latest version of Joomla Slideshow with all new transitions.

  • Sharing and Social Sharing in Joomla Gallery
    Sharing and Social sharing of your Images

    Opportunity for your customers to share or download photos thanks to Joomla Gallery.

  • Drag and Drop in Joomla Photo Gallery
    Drag and Drop in Joomla Photo Gallery

    Simplicity and usability are the key factors of Joomla Gallery. Set up and run gallery in minutes with Drag and Drop features.

  • Touch effect in Joomla Photo Gallery
    Fancy box 3 with touch effect

    Support Fancy box 3 and touch effect special for mobile platform thanks to Photo Joomla Gallery.

  • Unlimited fields in joomla website builder
    Unlimited field type with Joomla Website Builder and Balbooa form

    Unlimited field type with Joomla CCK and Balbooa form.

  • Unlimited layout in joomla website builder
    Unlimited layout

    Unlimited layout in Ordasoft Joomla CCK.

  • Easy website creation of any type with Joomla website builder
    Easy website creation of any type with Joomla website builder

    Simple website creation of any type Joomla CCK.

  • Unlimited categories child/parent in Joomla website builder
    Unlimited categories child/parent in Joomla website builder

    Unlimited categories child/parent thanks to Joomla CCK.

  • Access Manager in Joomla website builder
    Access Manager in Joomla website builder

    Access Manager in Joomla CCK.

  • Flexible registration system in Joomla website builder
    Flexible registration system in Joomla website builder

    Flexible registration system (ability to add any fields to the registration form) in joomla CCK.

Extensions which make Joomla Blog Template more powerful

Joomla slider

Joomla Slider

Joomla Blank Template

Joomla Blank Template

Joomla Gallery

Joomla Gallery

Balbooa Forms

Balbooa Forms

Joomla Social Comments and Sharing

Joomla Social Comments and Sharing

Joomla CCK

Joomla CCK

Simple Membership Last online Users

Simple Membership Last online Users

Simplest Bundle
Simplest Bundle

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