Smart Joomla blog template for company blog or personal blog based on Joomla CCK

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Whether you're looking for a professional blog template or a blog page template for building a website, the Ordasoft development team has introduced Premium Joomla Templates for Blogging! With a stylish, intuitive and highly customizable responsive design, easy Quickstart installation, HTML5, CSS3, Awesome jQuery effects, Bootstrap, Google Fonts features, so that can help easily to create astonishing site just like on the demo.

Create an unlimited number of blog posts, categorize them, mark authors. Post unlimited photos, videos and share them with friends and in social networks (Facebook, Instagram, tweeter...). Connect the YouTube blog channel to template! Featuring professional blogger templates — all this is now possible!

The collection includes Joomla templates on various themes, which are ideal for creating personal blogger sites, as well as ready-made web templates that contain blog pages with popular site topics. Collection include blog pages for real estate, an educational, family, an author weblog and even a store template with a blog page.

Downloading our the best blogger template joomla of modernly designed and thoroughly developed, including powerful joomla extensions (that you will get for free), will help quickly - easily build a blogging website!

Frequently Asked Questions about Joomla Blog Templates

❓ How to choose the best Joomla blog template?

Choosing for yourself the best Joomla template for the blog, choose a design that is suitable for theme of your blog site. You can choose either a template for a personal blog or which will contain an extended blog section where you can write blog posts for your company. All templates have a modern responsive design and contain powerful extensions.

❓ How to install Blog Joomla template?

All Blog template included Quickstart package, which allows you to quickly and easily install the template. How to install Quickstart package ⬅ look here.

❓Is it possible to change the design of Blog templates?

Yes, in all ordasoft blog templates you can change the design, color scheme and the entire content of the template.

❓What should I do if I can't to install the blog template Joomla ?

Ordasoft company is always ready to help not only with the installation of a blog template, but also with the adaptation to your needs. Just write to our contact form

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