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Wedding Planner Website Template

Beautiful and tender wedding planner website template increases the collection of responsive wedding templates. This template is perfect for using in wedding business purposes such as wedding agency, photography wedding portfolio page, wedding store of wedding gowns, dresses, bouquets and for other wedding services. Also, Wedding Planner website template is perfect for those who are about to get married and it will look great as wedding planner, invitation wedding page, personal wedding celebration page and pre-wedding page.

Plenty of content

Wedding Planner website template is carefully thought-out and allows organizing a plenty of content in well-balanced way. On premade demo version (that can be installed in several minutes) were combined store of wedding products, services pages for promoting wedding services - the hairdresser, stylist, visagiste, wedding decoration services, even booking of restaurant and luxury wedding cars.

wedding planner website template content
wedding planner website template rtl text direction

LTR-RTL Text Direction

Wedding Planner Template is available in two languages: English and Arabic. So for better experience of using our template we added RTL text direction.

Services Page

The website template includes the most essential pages for a wedding planning website, such as: the store page, the photographer's page with portfolio and booking form, makeup artist page, contact form, 404 page. You do not need to do something, Ordasoft team will take care of everything and built all the essentials for the wedding planning website!

wedding planner website template services page
wedding planner website template joomla gallery

Joomla Gallery

Using Website template for wedding planner you can easily create unlimited quantity of portfolios and easy upload unlimited photos. Included in site template Joomla Gallery extension can easily help you with this!

Sell any wedding staff

From functional side we can ensure wedding planner website template includes all that can be necessary while creating wedding website - e-Commerce solution, BaForms for building endless kinds of forms, Joomla Translate, Social Sharing Joomla module, joomla gallery and much more.

wedding planner website template sell wedding staff
wedding planner website template search filters

Categoty Filter

With included Store website builder - Wedding planner website template allow organize store with comfortable shoping cart, build any type of filter for product search, support PayPal, Stripe and 2Checkout payment gateways.


With Blog Pages you can share any content. Write posts, share information about events or new upates, add images and grab more attention from visitors.

wedding planner website template blog
wedding planner website template agent profiles

Agents Plofiles

Agents profile page allows you to tell more about your workers. It includes short bio and contact info with button for easily contac with any agent.

Don't hesitate to choose wedding planner

All additional pages includes contact form, so users will be able to book necessary wedding service easily. These Joomla extensions make it possible to implement almost every idea for powerful and nice-looking wedding Joomla website. Don't hesitate to choose wedding planner website template for your wedding website, as you'll get not only charming and robust wedding website template, but also professional support and detailed documentation.

wedding planner website template best choice

Key Features of Wedding Planner Website Template

  • Responsive Design joomla wedding templates
    Responsive Joomla Template

    Wedding Planner is a responsive Joomla template that provides great experience for your clients on any device, desktop, tablet or mobile

  • Quickstart installation of joomla ecommerce templates
    Quickstart installation

    Allows you to install templates, extensions and dummy data effortlessly and quickly. Check how to install it in 5 min QuickStart installation for Joomla

  • Plenty of module positions
    Plenty of module positions

    Due to Joomla Blank template, Wedding Planner Website Template comes with a wealth of module positions to place your content exactly where you want it.

  • Joomla Blank Template
    Joomla Blank Template

    Wedding Planner is packed with dozens of template options to make your work smooth and easy. See all features - Joomla Blank template

  • Font Awesome Icons
    Font Awesome Icons

    Font Awesome gives you scalable vector icons that can instantly be customized. View full list of Font Awesome Icons

  • Cross-Browser Compatibility Joomla eCommerce Template
    Cross-Browser Compatibility

    Wedding Planner Website Template fully compatible with all browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera etc.

  • Twitter Bootstrap Joomla eCommerce Template

    Wedding Planner is built on Bootstrap - the most popular, sleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end framework for developing responsive, mobile-ready websites.

  • Google Fonts of Joomla eCommerce Template
    Google Fonts

    Choose best Google font for your website via admin area and make your design more attractive with amazing fonts from Google.

Website builder features that make Wedding Planner Website Template even more powerful

  • website builder multilingual features
    Multilingual features website builder

    Joomla Website builder has multilingual features, that makes site template multilingual

  • e-Commerce features
    e-Commerce features

    With e-Commerce possibilities of website builder you can easy build store on your website

  • Easy creation site of any type with Joomla CCK - website builder
    Build any type of web page with Joomla website builder easily

    Simple building web pages of any type with Joomla page builder.

  • blog website builder joomla
    Personal blog with website builder Joomla

    Joomla template has stunning personal blog feature that makes it interesting, thanks to blog website builder.

  • Event website builder
    Event Website Builder

    With event features of joomla web builder you can easy create and manage your events

Multilingual website builder features in Wedding Planner Website Template

  • website builder multilingual features
    Multilingual features website builder

    Wedding Planner has multilingual features, that makes website template multilingual

  • site builder manage multiple languages
    Manage multiple languages

    Wedding Website Template features allows to easy manage multiple languages

  • site builder with multilingual site navigation
    Intuitive multilingual site navigation

    Wedding Planner allows to easily navigate through pages for visitors in their own languages

  • web builder optimize multilingual seo
    Optimize multilingual SEO

    Multilingual Features of web builder in template allows to translate tags title and description in website template for weddings, so important for seo optimization

  • website builder rtl supported
    Website builder RTL supported

    Wedding Planner website template supports RTL languages. You can easy view your website for people, that use RTL text direction and greatly increase its market

e-Commerce features of Wedding Planner website template

  • page builder, ecommerce features - ecommerce website builder, shopping cart
    Shoping cart

    Website builder Joomla allows to create comfortable shoping cart on website

  • page builder, ecommerce features - multicurrency support
    Multi curency support

    In wedding website template - Joomla website builder give ability to pay for your products and services in different currencies, such as USD or SGD

  • order management, ecommerce website builder
    Order Management system

    e-Commerce features of web builder allows to manage orders in wedding website template

  • e-Commerce features of website builder - unlimited price fields
    Unlimited price fields

    In Wedding Planner template you can create unlimited price fields

  • e-Commerce features of website builder - calculate price ordering
    Calculate price ordering

    Calculate price ordering in template

  • e-Commerce features of website builder - coupon manager
    Coupon Manager

    Wedding planner build on ecommerce website builder, so you can calculate discount on value or percent

Extensions which make Wedding Planner Website template more powerful

Joomla Blank Template

Joomla Blank Template

Joomla Location Map

Joomla Location Map

Joomla Slider

Joomla Slider

Joomla Gallery

Joomla Gallery

Simple Membership User's Profile

Simple Membership User's Profile

Simple Membership Last online Users

Simple Membership Last online Users

Joomla Simple Membership log in

Simple Membership Log in

Joomla Translate

Joomla Translate

Joomla Social Comments and Sharing

Joomla Social Comments and Sharing

Balbooa Forms - Joomla Forms

Balbooa Forms Joomla Form Builder

Joomla website builder

Joomla Website Builder

Wedding Planner
Wedding Planner

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