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The Power of Joomla Book Store Website Template

This template is specifically designed to help bookstores create stunning and functional websites that cater to the needs of book lovers everywhere. Joomla Book Store Website Template combines the flexibility and ease of use of Joomla with specialized features tailored to the needs of bookstores. Whether you're a small independent bookstore or a large store, this template provides everything you need to showcase your inventory, engage with customers, and drive sales online. The Author website template includes tons of Ordasoft Joomla extensions.

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Aesthetic Design

writer author website template design

The Joomla Book Store Website Template features a sleek and modern design that is sure to capture the attention of visitors. With customizable layouts, eye-catching graphics, and intuitive navigation, you can create a visually appealing website that reflects the personality and brand of your bookstore.

Easy Navigation

Navigation is key to a positive user experience, especially on e-commerce websites. The Joomla Book Store Website Template offers intuitive navigation menus and search functionality, making it easy for customers to find the books they're looking for. Whether they're browsing by genre, author, or keyword, visitors can quickly locate the books they want to purchase.

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Blog Page

writer author website template blog

In addition to showcasing your book inventory, the Joomla Book Store Website Template also includes a dynamic blog page feature. Joomla CCK Blog Builder allows you to create unlimited quantity of blog posts, rate and comment your posts, demonstrate video and photos, and more! By regularly updating your blog with informative and entertaining content, you can attract visitors to your website, establish your bookstore as a trusted source of literary expertise, and foster a sense of community among book lovers. With customizable layouts and easy content management tools, the blog page provides a platform for sharing your passion for books and connecting with your audience on a deeper level.

Product Catalog

Managing a large inventory of books can be challenging, but the Joomla Book Store Website Template makes it easy. With built-in features for creating and managing product listings, you can showcase your entire catalog online. Each book listing can include detailed descriptions, reviews, pricing information, and more, giving customers all the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions.

writer author website template catalog

Author Information Page

writer author website template info page

To further enhance the browsing experience for your customers, the Joomla Book Store Website Template includes a dedicated page for information about authors. This page serves as a valuable resource for readers who want to learn more about their favorite authors, discover new writers, and explore the stories behind the books they love. You can include biographies, photos, book lists, and links to social media profiles for each author featured in your bookstore's inventory. By providing insight into the lives and inspirations of the authors behind the books, you can enrich the reading experience for your customers and foster a deeper connection between readers and writers. Whether it's showcasing bestselling authors or promoting emerging talent, the author information page adds depth and personality to your bookstore website, making it a destination for book enthusiasts seeking to discover their next literary adventure.

Joomla Gallery

To create photo and video galleries with the ability to add an unlimited number of photos and videos in the writer template we have installed Joomla Gallery. With its help you can upload to the website template unlimited amount of content, but also, to create galeries in different positions on the site. You can also create galleries with different hover effects, image masks, use short codes and use other features of Joomla Gallery in Author website template. Rate our other Joomla templates with image gallery

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Contact Form

writer author website template contact form

Intrigue and interest your readers with interesting blog posts about the topics of your future books, posts about your inspiration for writing a new book, let the reader feel connected with you! Single Author blog post in Writer - Author website Template demonstrate connection between readers and author by adding comments and the ability to rate each blog post! Also, features of website builder for blogs in Author website template allows print your posts, in every posts you may add video, audio, photo and connect your youtube chanel with author template joomla!

Key Features of Author website Template

  • Responsive Design Joomla blank template
    Responsive Joomla Template

    Writer is responsive Author website Template that provides beautiful experience for your clients on any device, desktop, tablet or mobile

  • Regions
    Plenty of module positions

    Due to Joomla Blank template, Author website template for authors comes with a wealth of module positions to place your content exactly where you want it.

  • Quickstart installation
    Quickstart installation

    Allows you to install Author website template, extensions and dummy data effortlessly and quickly. See how to install it in 5 min QuickStart installation for Joomla

  • Well-Documented free Joomla template

    All our Joomla templates include detailed Documentation. You can also ask any questions at our Forum

  • Twitter Bootstrap Joomla blank template

    Author website Template is built on Bootstrap - the most popular, sleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end framework for developing responsive, mobile-ready websites.

  • Awesome jQuery effects
    Awesome jQuery effects

    Author website Template goes with awesome jQuery animations and effects which makes your website more live and attractive

  • Joomla blank template
    Joomla Blank Template

    Author website Template is packed with dozens of template options to make your work smooth and easy. See all features - Joomla Blank template

  • Cross-Browser Compatibility Joomla blank template
    Cross-Browser Compatibility

    Writer Online Library Joomla template fully compatible with all browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Microsoft Edge.

  • Google Fonts
    Google Fonts

    Choose best Google font for your website via admin area and make your design more attractive with amazing fonts from Google.

  • img
    Working Contact Form

    Stylish and working contact form will help you to stay in touch with customers

  • Font Awesome Icons
    Font Awesome Icons

    Font Awesome gives you scalable vector icons that can instantly be customized. View full list of Font Awesome Icons

  • Author website template SEO Optimized
    SEO Optimized

    Author website template SEO optimized!Get more clients by making content,of your website,fully visible for search engines.

  • Unlimited photos in Real Estate Joomla template
    Unlimited Photos

    Unlimited photos on your booklibrary template thaks to Joomla Gallery

  • Support Right To Left (RTL) and Left To Right(LTR) Language
    Support Right To Left (RTL) Language

    Writer - Author website template supports Right To Left (RTL) and Left to Right(LTR) language layouts.

  • joomla website builder for joomla blog template
    Personal blog with CCK

    Author website template with blog page has stunning personal blog feature that makes it interesting, thanks to Joomla CCK page builder.

  • Joomla Image Slider Module for create amazing slider in Author website template
    Joomla Image Slider Module

    Author website template has the latest version of Joomla Image Slider Module with all new transitions.

  • Drag and Drop in Joomla Photo Gallery
    Drag and Drop in Joomla Photo Gallery

    Simplicity and usability are the key factors of Joomla Gallery. Set up and run gallery in minutes with Drag and Drop feature.

Extensions which make Author website Template more powerful

Joomla eBook software

Joomla Book Library

Joomla Blank Template

Joomla Blank Template

Joomla slider

Joomla Slider

Joomla CCK

Joomla CCK

Joomla Location Map

Joomla Location Map

Joomla Gallery

Joomla Gallery

VirtueMart eCommerce solution for Joomla

eCommerce solution VirtueMart for Joomla

Booklibrary Touch Slider

Booklibrary Touch Slider Module

Booklibrary Authors Touch Slider

Booklibrary Authors Touch Slider Module

BookLibrary Authors

BookLibrary Authors Module

BookLibrary Featured Pro

BookLibrary Featured Pro Module

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