Importing houses from XML into Real Estate Manager, hotel room booking software

From the previous article we have known about CSV, XML and full XML export in Real Estate Manager and now we will take a look at importing houses from an XML file into Real Estate Manager. This can be from an XML export you did earlier, or from a freshly created XML file.

What does the XML Export function say?

    First, let's take a good look at what the XML Export function says:
  1. XML export is the preferred way to export apartments with Houses Descriptions and Houses Reviews present
  2. XML export will contain all House details, including Descriptions and Reviews, ready for later import.

What does the XML Import function say?

  1. XML import is the preferred way to import houses with House Descriptions and Houses Reviews present.
  2. XML import will import all houses details, including House Descriptions and Houses Reviews.
  3. If the user who wrote the original House Review does not exist anymore in the system, the Review will be assigned to "Anonymous"

Importing an XML file in Real Estate Manager, hotel room booking software

Go to Components > Real Estate manager > Import/Export and choose the Import tab.

Importing houses from XML in hotel room booking software for create real estate website
 Importing houses from XML in hotel room booking software for create real estate website

Choose XML for the Import Type and a Category to import into.

Next use Browse to point to the XML file.

Then click the Import Media button on the top bar.

Because XML imports also contain user submitted House reviews, you will see the following warning.

Click OK.

You will see the results of the import.

Click Back in the top bar to return to the Import/Export page, or go to Components > Real Estate Manager > Houses to go to the Real Estate Manager window. You will see the houses you have just imported, still unpublished.

You can now publish the houses, or edit each house as you wish in Real Estate manager, hotel room booking software.

In the next article we will cover Language Manager in Real Estate Manager

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