Show agent contact for real estate

With the help of Real Estate Manager you can allow uploading your users' contact information. You also have the ability to share information and make it not available to all users.

contact agent frontend in real estate manager for create real estate website
1 image - Contact agent frontend

On first image you will see information about contact agent on frontend. Arrow 1 shows the agent’s contact information added while editing or adding property. Arrow 2 shows module "Simple Membership user profile" with contact information (users profile) of the agent.

module access settings in real estate manager for create real estate website

2 image - Module "Simple Membership user profile"

Through the Joomla Module Manager you can output the module of "Simple Membership user profile" and can choose the option that you need

component simple membership user profile for create real estate website

3 image - Component "Simple Membership user profile"

Thanks to component of "OS Simple membership user profile" information about agent looks like on 3 image

edit agent details in house
4 image - Edit agent details in house

Fourth picture shows the ability to edit agents details in house(agents info)

seller contact setting
5 image - Seller contact setting

In the settings you have the option to choose whom to show information about the owner and his contact details. That you will see on five picture

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