OS CCK - Content Construction
Kit for Joomla

April 2017

Joomla 3.6.x

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OS CCK, Content Construction Kit for Joomla

OS CCK is easy yet powerful Content Construction Kit for Joomla that helps to create various kinds of product catalogs, classifieds and listings. OS CCK Joomla component is great solution for building website with rental products (real estates, cars, books and more) as it has built-in functional for creating and managing Buy and Rent Requests.

Simple Content Building with Drag & Drop

We invite you to enjoy building layouts, forms and pages in a revolutionary way using Drag & Drop layout builder in OS CCK. After creating fields, drag and drop them into appropriate rows and columns to get the desired layout.

Responsive & Mobile Friendly Design

To be visible and effective nowadays it's not enough to create a website. It should be optimized for mobile devices in order not to miss the clients browsing web from smartphones and tablets. OS CCK is responsive and adaptive for different screen sizes, so be sure you aren't missing any single customer.

Advanced Style Options

Hundreds of customization options such as margin, padding, background color, font color, font size and many more allows creating unique and beautiful Joomla website with your own style. Apply style options to field, block (row or column) or to entire layout.

Variety of Field TYPES: 15+ content Fields

We offer the most important and frequently used content fields such as text, text area, category, number field, checkbox, radio button and select list, image, gallery, audio and video fields, URL, location and others. More fields are coming soon.

Unlimited Pages & Forms with your own Layout & Design

Create endless types of multicolumn forms and pages using a wide range of available fields and styling options. After a few simple steps your creation is ready for the public.

HTML/PHP/CSS/SCRIPT Custom Code Area for Experienced Users

If you're HTML/PHP/CSS/SCRIPT expert and willing to insert some code to the layout or form, you'll get ability to write a few lines of code right during creation a layout.

Joomla templates based on OS CCK

v.1.1 OS CCK PRO, 5 May 2016

01. Added new types of fields
02. Added new layout types
03. Added new types of menu items
04. Changed entire design of OS CCK administrator area
05. Added style options for fields, rows, columns and forms
06. Changed functionality of layout creation

v.2.5 OS CCK PRO, 28 April 2017

01. Added Sample data
02. Added new field "Owner_id"
03. Added option "by day by night" in search
04. Added filter users in the admin panel
05. Added filter "approve" in the admin panel
06. Added new GRID LAYOUT

OS CCK Versions

Select version of Joomla website builder

  • Simple Content Building with Drag & Drop
  • 15+ Content Fields
  • Responsive & Mobile Friendly Design
  • Variety of Style Options
  • Ability to Insert Custom Code
  • English & Russian languages included
  • Ability to Insert Custom Code
Basic Features
  • User Panel on Frontend
  • User Access Management
  • System of Mail Notifications
  • Without copyright links
  • Forum & Email Support
PRO package
PRO Features
  • OS CCK Pro component
  • OS CCK Classic website with Demo Content
  • Free Support
Developer Membership
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